10 Facts about Marcus Sedgwick

Post On: May 23, 2017
By: Agustina

Look at Facts about Marcus Sedgwick if you want to know the British writer. He was born on April 8th, 1968. It is surprising to know that Sedgwick is also a musician. He also illustrates books. He is the author for a number of pictures books and novels. In 2002, his novel The Dark Horse was nominated for The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. In 2001, Sedgwick earned Branford Boase Award due to his amazing novel Floodland. Let me show you other interesting facts about Marcus Sedgwick below:

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 1: other works

Sedgwick also creates illustrations and picture books. The adult readers may check his book of folk tales.

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 2: Revolver

Revolver is the title of his thrilling adventure. It was well received by the audience.

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 3: Midwinterblood

The American Library Association awarded Sedgwick with 2014 Michael L. Printz Award due to his Midwinterblood published in 2011.

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Sedgwick was located in East Kent, England.  In 1994, he started to write his own books after working as a bookseller and children’s publication.

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Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 5: the first book

The first book of Sedgwick was entitled Floodland. In 2000, the book was published in the market.  In that year, the book gained Branford-Boase Award.

Marcus Sedgwick Novel

Marcus Sedgwick Novel

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 6: the story of Floodland

The story of Floodland is centered on Zoe as the primary character. Due to the effect of global warming, the sea rises which makes him living in his own island.

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Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 7: the criticism

Some criticisms occur on his Floodland. They believe that the characters in the novel should be more elaborated.

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 8: Dark Satanic Mills

Sedgwick published a graphic novel under the title Dark Satanic Mills in 2013. He collaborated with Julian Sedgwick. John Higgins served as the illustrator.

Marcus Sedgwick

Marcus Sedgwick

Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 9: The Ghosts of Heaven

Sedgwick also wrote a young adult fiction. One of them is The Ghosts of Heaven published in 2015.  Other works of his include White Crow (2010), Witch Hill (2001), She Is Not Invisible (2013), Saint Death (2016), A Love Like Blood (2015) and The Kiss of Death (2008).

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Facts about Marcus Sedgwick 10: awards

In 2001, Witch Hill was nominated for Independent Reading Association Award. In 2006, The Foreshadowing was shortlisted for Booktrust Teenage Prize.

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