10 Facts about Marfan Syndrome

Post On: May 24, 2017
By: Agustina

The genetic disorder, which affects the connective tissue, is explained on Facts about Marfan Syndrome.  It is often abbreviated as MFS. The people affected with Marfan syndrome usually have long toes, finger, legs and arms. Moreover, they have thin and tall posture.  Other signs include scoliosis and flexible joints. Why don’t you check other useful information about Marfan syndrome below?

Facts about Marfan Syndrome 1:  the severe level of Marfan syndrome

The severe level of Marfan syndrome leads into the complications of aorta and heart.

Facts about Marfan Syndrome 2: the affected body parts

The spinal cord, bones, eyes and lungs are also affected by the Marfan syndrome.

facts about Marfan Syndrome

facts about Marfan Syndrome

Facts about Marfan Syndrome 3: an inherited condition

Marfan syndrome may occur because of two primary reasons. Around 25 percent of Marfan syndrome cases are caused by a new mutation. The remaining 75 percent is caused by the inherited condition from the parents.

Facts about Marfan Syndrome 4: diagnosis and cure

Until this present day, Marfan syndrome cannot be cured. The Ghent criteria will be used to diagnose the condition.

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Facts about Marfan Syndrome 5: life expectancy

The people with Marfan syndrome should have the appropriate treatment if they want to have a normal life expectancy.

Marfan Syndrome Facts

Marfan Syndrome Facts

Facts about Marfan Syndrome 6: the treatment

The use of beta-blockers is needed to manage Marfan syndrome. If the aorta is affected, surgery will be needed. The people with Marfan syndrome should avoid the hard exercise.

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Facts about Marfan Syndrome 7: the rate

Marfan syndrome occurs on one of 3,000 to 10,000 people in the world.  The males and females have similar rate on Marfan syndrome.

Facts about Marfan Syndrome 8: the name

The name of the health condition is derived from a French pediatrician, Antoine Marfan. In 1896, he described the condition.

Marfan Syndrome

Marfan Syndrome

Facts about Marfan Syndrome 9: the signs and symptoms

Marfan syndrome has at least 30 signs and symptoms. Most of them are affected the ocular, cardiovascular and skeletal system. The height of the people with this syndrome usually is above the average. They have longer toes and finger with weak wrists. Moreover, they have slender limbs.

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Facts about Marfan Syndrome 10: speech disorder

Speech disorder may occur on the people with Marfan syndrome due to small jaws and high palates. The lens dislocation is considered as the primary health effect of Marfan syndrome on eyes. The lens is not in the normal position. It is common for the patients to have blurred vision and nearsightedness.

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