10 Facts about Margaret Atwood

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Let me show you the interesting information about a poet from Canada on Facts about Margaret Atwood. She was born on 18th November 1939. Her full name is Margaret Eleanor Atwood. She is also recognized as an essayist, literary critic, environmentalist activist and novelist. Her name was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2001. She has received a number of awards during her career as a writer. Why don’t you look at the whole post about Margaret Atwood below?

Facts about Margaret Atwood 1: the awards

Atwood earned Prince of Astuaris Award for Literature. She also won Arthur C. Clarke Award.  She is also a five-time shortlisted author for Brooker Prize. She got one. She also won Governor General Award twice after becoming a finalist in a number of occasions.

Facts about Margaret Atwood 2: a nonprofit organization

Atwood established a nonprofit organization under the title Writers’ Trust of Canada. The primary goal is to promote the writing community in Canada.

Facts about Margaret Atwood

Facts about Margaret Atwood

Facts about Margaret Atwood 3: Griffin Poetry Prize

Griffin Poetry Prize was established by Atwood as a trustee. It is one of her numerous contributions to literature of Canada.

Facts about Margaret Atwood 4: the occupations

Atwood is also recognized as a developer and inventor. Do you know that she is connected with development of remote robotic writing of document?

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Facts about Margaret Atwood 5: LongPen technology

LongPen technology was developed, produced and distributed under a company called Syngrafii Inc. In the past, it was called Unotchit Inc. A number of patents associated with LongPen technologies were credited under her name.

Margaret Atwood Pic

Margaret Atwood Pic

Facts about Margaret Atwood 6: a poet

Do you know that Atwood is also a poet? She had published at least 15 poetry books. The fairy tales and myths gave her inspirations to create her poems. Since she was young, she has been interested with both subjects.

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Facts about Margaret Atwood 7: short stories

Her short stories have been published in many magazines and other publications such as Saturday Night, CBC Anthology, Tamarack Review, Harper’s, and Alphabet.

Facts about Margaret Atwood 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Atwood was located in Ottawa, Canada. There were three kids in the family and she was the second one. Her father was an entomologist, Carl Edmund Atwood. Her mother was a former dietitian named Margaret Dorothy.

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Facts about Margaret Atwood 9: a reader

Atwood was an avid reader since she was a child. She was interested to read comic books, Canadian animal stories, Grimm’s fairy tales and Dell pocketbook mysteries.

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Facts about Margaret Atwood 10: writing

She started to write at the age of six by focusing on poem and play writing.

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