10 Facts about Margaret Corbin

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By: Agustina

See Facts about Margaret Corbin to inform you with the female fighter during the American Revolutionary War. She was born on 12th November 1751 and died on 16th January 1800 as Margaret Cochran Corbin. John Corbin was her husband who fought along with other 600 American soldiers on 16th November 1776. They tried to secure Fort Washington from the 4,000 Hessian troops under the British Government. Why don’t you read the whole post below for details about Corbin?

Facts about Margaret Corbin 1: joining the war

Corbin decided to join the war for she was nervous that her husband went to the war alone.

Facts about Margaret Corbin 2: a nurse

Corbin was allowed to join the war along her husband for she was a nurse. During the war, it was her job to look after the wounded soldiers.

Margaret Corbin Pic

Margaret Corbin Pic

Facts about Margaret Corbin 3: the cannon crew

Corbin decided to take over the role of her husband when he fell during the battle. John was a soldier who focused on the cannon. When he fell, it was her job to work with the cannon until she fell due to the wound.

Facts about Margaret Corbin 4: the impressive action

Corbin had an impressive action when she took the post of her fallen husband. She was a handy woman due to her impressive speed when aiming, cleaning and firing the cannon during the battle. Other soldiers in the battlefield were amazed with her skill.

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Facts about Margaret Corbin 5: a pension

Due to her military service in the American Revolutionary War, the congress awarded her with a pension. Do you know that she was the first female who earned a pension in the history of United States?

Margaret Corbin

Margaret Corbin

Facts about Margaret Corbin 6: Corps of Invalids

Corbin was included in Corps of Invalids since she was not capable to work due to the injuries.

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Facts about Margaret Corbin 7: the birthplace

The birthplace of Corbin was located in Western Pennsylvania. The present day area is Franklin County.

Facts about Margaret Corbin 8: parents

The Native Americans attacked her parents when she was five in 1756. Margaret was raised by her uncle since her mother was kidnapped by the Native Americans and her father was killed.

Margaret Corbin Facts

Margaret Corbin Facts

Facts about Margaret Corbin 9: who was John Corbin?

John Corbin was a farmer Virginia. Both married in 1772 when Margaret was 21 years old.

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Facts about Margaret Corbin 10: the nickname

During her service in the military, she was often called as “Molly Pitcher”.

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