10 Facts about Margaret Mahy

Post On: May 25, 2017
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Get the impressive information about the famous author from New Zealand on Facts about Margaret Mahy. She was born on March 21st, 1936 and died on July 23rd, 2012. Mahy’s works were created for the young adults and children. The primary themes of her books were related on growing up and human relationship. However, most of them contain supernatural features. If you are curious to know the famous author, read the entire post below:

Facts about Margaret Mahy 1: the number of written works

During her career as a writer, Mahy had created 20 collections of short stories, 40 novels and 100 picture books.

Facts about Margaret Mahy 2: the children literature

Mahy had contributed to the literature for children. Therefore, she was awarded with an international Hans Christian Andersen Medal.

Facts about Margaret Mahy

Facts about Margaret Mahy

Facts about Margaret Mahy 3: the famous works

Her famous works like The Changeover (1984) and The Haunting (1982) earned her the annual Carnegie Medal from the Library Association.

Facts about Margaret Mahy 4: the national classics

Her books included in the list of national classics were A Lion in the Meadow and The Seven Chinese Brothers and The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate.

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Facts about Margaret Mahy 5: popularity

The books of Mahy are super popular. There is no need to wonder that they have been translated in many languages such as Spanish, French, German, Danish, Norwegian, Italia, Finnish, Japanese, Afrikaans, Swedish and Danish.

Margaret Mahy Bronze

Margaret Mahy Bronze

Facts about Margaret Mahy 6: the birthplace

The birthplace of Mahy was located in Whakatane. Her father set his living as a bridge builder. His name was Frances George May.  Her writing was heavily affected by the adventure stories that her father told to her when she was a child.

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Facts about Margaret Mahy 7: the first published story

“Harry is bad” was considered as the first story of Mahy published in the page of the Bay of Plenty Beacon.

Facts about Margaret Mahy 8: education

In 1952 until 1954, Mahy was educated at Auckland University College. In 1995, she graduated from Canterbury University. Then she was trained as a librarian at New Zealand Library School in Wellington in 1956.

Margaret Mahy Facts

Margaret Mahy Facts

Facts about Margaret Mahy 9: the fantasy novels

The Haunting and The Changeover were the notable fantasy novels of Mahy.

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Facts about Margaret Mahy 10: a full time writer

In 1980, Mahy decided to become a full-time writer. One of her honors was from University of Canterbury where she was awarded with an honorary Doctor of Letters.

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