10 Facts about Margot Frank

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Find out the ideas about the older sister of Anne Frank on Facts about Margot Frank. She was born on 16th February 1926 and died in February 1945. Her parents are Edith Frank and Otto Frank. She was the oldest daughter. The Frank family had to hide due to the Gestapo.  Why don’t you check the post below for details about Margot Frank?

Facts about Margot Frank 1: diary of Anne Frank

The diary of Anne Frank is very famous in the world. It narrated her story when her family had to hide from the Nazi. The diary also mentioned her relationship within the family. It has been published and distributed in many parts of the world.

Facts about Margot Frank 2: diary of Margot

According to the diary of Anne Frank, Margot also wrote her own diary. However, the diary was not discovered until today. Anne stated that Margot kept the diary herself.

Facts about Margot Frank

Facts about Margot Frank

Facts about Margot Frank 3: the death

Margot passed away in Bergen-Belsen because of typhus in February 1945.  She was only 18 years old at that time. Anne then died a few days later because of the same disease.

Facts about Margot Frank 4: the burial site

The burial site of Margot was in the mass grave of the camp. She was buried along with Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper and her sister Lientje.

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Facts about Margot Frank 5: name

Her full name is Margot Betti Frank.  The birthplace of Margot was located in Frankfurt, Germany. During the early years of her life, she lived with her Jewish family in the outer suburbs of Frankfurt.

Margot Frank

Margot Frank

Facts about Margot Frank 6: the anti-Jewish campaign

The anti-Jewish campaign broke out in Germany after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on 30th January 1933.

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Facts about Margot Frank 7: migration

Margot and her family decided to live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands due to the increased tension against Jewish in Germany.

Facts about Margot Frank 8: education

After living in Amsterdam, she attended an elementary school in the city.  Her education stopped when the Netherlands was invaded by Germans in 1940.



Facts about Margot Frank 9: hiding

Margot and her family decided to hide in an office building of her father after she had a notice to report on a labor camp on 5 July 1942.

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Facts about Margot Frank 10: life in the concentration camp

Margot was sent to Dutch Westerbork concentration camp.  Their last camp was Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In 1944, she contracted typhus and died there.

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