10 Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez

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If you are curious about an important female leader in El Salvador, check Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez. She was born on May 5th, 1942 and died on April 5th, 1989. She is known as a community leader. Moreover, people also recognized her as a Baptist primary school teacher. People began to acknowledge her more for she was murdered on April 5, 1989. Let us get other useful facts about Maria Christina Gomez below:

Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 1: as a national leader

Gomez rose to prominence in El Salvador as a national leader for teachers’ union and Baptist women in San. Gomez became a member of Emmanuel Baptist church.

Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 2: CONAMUS

CONAMUS stands for National Coordination of Salvadoran Women. In 1986, this organization for women was established by Gomez.

María Cristina Gómez Cross

María Cristina Gómez Cross

Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 3: the importance of CONAMUS

Gomez focused on the life of the poor women in the nation. That is why, she established CONAMUS, which dealt with various issues related to women such as low level of political participation, low economy, rape and domestic violence and social injustice.

Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 4: a clinic

As a response with cases related to rape and domestic violence, a clinic was opened by CONAMUS in 1989.

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Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 5: reading

Reading is a part of educating the women. Gomez decided to teach the women to read by visiting the local villages in her spare time.

María Cristina Gómez

María Cristina Gómez

Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 6: the importance of reading

Teaching the women to read was very important for women according to the point of view of Gomez. If a woman could read, she would be able to get information related the leaflets of farming and health. Thus, the quality of life would be increased. However, the educated peasants made some people afraid that they would demand for their rights.

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Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 7: murder

It was reported by witnesses that men wearing civilian clothes and heavy arms forced her into a van after she returned from John F. Kennedy School. Gomez was discovered died two hours later.

Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 8: the body of Gomez

The body of Gomez was shot four times. Her shoulder had acid marks. Her face was beaten. The signs of burns and torture were found in her body.

Maria Cristina Gomez

Maria Cristina Gomez

Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 9: the suspected murderer

The suspected murderer of Gomez was General Juan Rafael Bustillo who previously had threatened her before.

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Facts about Maria Cristina Gomez 10: personal life

Salvador Amaya was the husband of Gomez. The couple was blessed with four kids.

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