10 Facts about Maria Martinez

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Let me inform you with the Native American artist on Facts about Maria Martinez. She was born in San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico in 1887 and died on 20th July 1980. Martinez earned the worldwide attention due to her impressive pottery. She was from a community located in San Ildefonso Pueblo who lived nearby Santa Fe. Her aunt taught her on how to create pottery since she was a child. Find out more interesting facts about Maria Martinez by reading the below post:

Facts about Maria Martinez 1:  the traditional pots

The traditional pots and cookingware had reduced popularity due to the presence of Anglo enamelware and Spanish tinware.

Facts about Maria Martinez 2: preservation

Martinez and her family tried to perverse the legacy of traditional pottery. Thus, the traditional method for creating pottery would never extinct.

Facts about Maria Martinez

Facts about Maria Martinez

Facts about Maria Martinez 3: black pottery

If you check the works of Martinez, you will be impressed with her black-on-black pottery. It challenged her to create the black pottery due to the difficulty to alter the color of clay.

Facts about Maria Martinez 4: the black color

The black color on her pots was achieved using the traditional technique that she learned from Tafoya family of Santa Clara Pueblo.

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Facts about Maria Martinez 5: the successful black ware pot

It was not easy for her to create an impressive black ware pot. She had to experience a lot of trials and errors to create a black pottery, which met her standard.

Maria Martinez Facts

Maria Martinez Facts

Facts about Maria Martinez 6: the first pots

In 1913, Martinez fired her first pots for a museum. It had rough texture with no decoration and signature. She tried to hide her creation from the world for she was embarrassed due to her failure to create high quality pots.

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Facts about Maria Martinez 7: the black wear pottery business

Martinez felt encouraged after guests wanted to purchase the black ware pots, which looked similar with the ones found in the museums. Thus, she tried to fix the technique to build a great black pot.

Facts about Maria Martinez 8: experimentation

Her experiment was not only related to the color of pots, but also their forms and shapes.

Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez

Facts about Maria Martinez 9: Julian Martinez

Her husband was Julian Martinez. He was interested to adorn the pots created by Maria.

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Facts about Maria Martinez 10: the first decoration

After many trials and errors, Julian eventually was capable to decorate her pot with a polished avanyu design and matte backdrop.

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