10 Facts about Maria Tallchief

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By: Agustina

Let me show you the impressive American ballerina on Facts about Maria Tallchief. She was born on 24th January 1925 and died on 11th April 2013. The first Native American who held the first major prima ballerina was Tallchief.  At the age of three, she had followed the formal dance lessons.   Her family moved to Los Angeles California by living their hometown in Fairfax, Oklahoma to improve Tallchief’s career. At that time, she was 8 years old.

Facts about Maria Tallchief 1: living in New York City

She tried to get a better place in a major ballet company by living in New York City at the age of 17. She took the name Maria Tallchief after being urged by her superiors.

Facts about Maria Tallchief 2: Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

She became a dancer for Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo for five years. George Balanchine and Tallchief met during her work in the company. He was known as a legendary choreographer.

Facts about Maria Tallchief

Facts about Maria Tallchief

Facts about Maria Tallchief 3: the first star

Tallchief was the first star on the dance company co-founded by Balanchine. In 1946, the company was called New York City Ballet.

Facts about Maria Tallchief 4: revolutionary

Ballet was revolutionized under Tallchief’s passionate dancing and impressive choreography of Balanchine.

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Facts about Maria Tallchief 5: prima ballerina

She appeared as a prima ballerina due to her role in The Firebird catapulted Tallchief in 1949. She increased the popularity of ballet in the American eyes due to her impressive role in Sugarplum Fairy in The Nutcracker.

Maria Tallchief Pictures

Maria Tallchief Pictures

Facts about Maria Tallchief 6: Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater

Tallchief was honored to perform in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater since she was the first American to do it. In 1966, she decided to retire from the dancing. She had been seen on American TV regularly.

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Facts about Maria Tallchief 7: the life after retirement

She promoted ballet in Chicago after her retirement from dancing. In 1970s, she took the position as director for ballet in Lyric Opera of Chicago. In 1981, Chicago City Ballet was debuted by Tallchief.

Facts about Maria Tallchief 8: honors and titles

Tallchief’s contribution earned a number of titles and honors. There is no need to wonder that many statues of hers are made in Oklahoma. She was the recipient of a National Medal of Arts and National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Maria Tallchief

Maria Tallchief

Facts about Maria Tallchief 9: in popular culture

Tallchief had an inspiring life. Thus, she has become a subject in numerous biographies and documentaries.

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Facts about Maria Tallchief 10: lifetime achievement

Tallchief was the recipient of lifetime achievement from Kennedy Center Honor in 1996.

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