10 Facts about Marian Anderson

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You will get the interesting information about the American contralto on Facts about Marian Anderson. She was born on 27th February 1897 and died on 8th April 1993. In the 20th century, Anderson was a celebrated singer. Her voice has rich vibrant contralto according to Alan Blyth, a notable music critic. Let us check other interesting facts about Marian Anderson below:

Facts about Marian Anderson 1: the singing career

Anderson had an established singing career. She spent most of her time performing with the notable music orchestras.  She was in recital and concert in 1925 until 1965 in Europe and US.

Facts about Marian Anderson 2: opera companies

Many opera companies in Europe wanted to cast her. However, she rejected the office due to her lack of acting skill. Thus, she decided to focus on recital and concert during her career as a singer.  In some occasions, Anderson had opera arias during her recitals and concerts.

Facts about Marian Anderson

Facts about Marian Anderson

Facts about Marian Anderson 3: the recording and performance

The recording and performance of Anderson was not monotonous for she mastered broad genres such as spiritual songs, traditional American songs, opera, lieder, repertoire, and concert literature.

Facts about Marian Anderson 4: Franz Rupp

Franz Rupp was the permanent musical player who accompanied her performance in 1940 until 1965. She was a German-American pianist.

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Facts about Marian Anderson 5: black artist

Anderson was one of the African American artists who struggled to find a better place in the American society. During the mid-20th century, she tried to cope with the racial prejudice in the nation.

Marian Anderson Facts

Marian Anderson Facts

Facts about Marian Anderson 6: rejection

The permission of Anderson to perform at the Constitution Hall in front of integrated spectators was rejected by DAR or Daughters of the American Revolution in 1939. This incident increased her limelight. Eventually, she was capable to perform an open-air concert due to the aid of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Facts about Marian Anderson 7: the open-air concert

The open-air concert was performed by Anderson on 9 April 1939 on Easter Sunday at Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Facts about Marian Anderson 8: the audiences

Her performance had gathered around 75,000 audiences. Millions of people listened to her singing voice by the radio.

Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson

Facts about Marian Anderson 9: Metropolitan Opera

On 7th January 1955, she performed at Metropolitan Opera in New York City. She was the first black to do so.

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Facts about Marian Anderson 10: an opera role

The only opera role that she accepted was at the Met when she performed as Ulrica in Giuseppe Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera.

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