10 Facts about Marie Antoinette

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Why don’t you check Facts about Marie Antoinette to know the last queen of France and Navarre? She was born on November 2nd, 1755 as Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna. She died on October 16th, 1793. Her birth title was as Archduchess of Austria. Her father was the Holy Roman Emperor, Francis I. Her mother was Empress Maria Theresa. She was the 15th child in the family.

Facts about Marie Antoinette 1: Dauphine of France

Marie’s new title was as Dauphine of France due to her marriage to the heir of French throne Louis-Auguste in April 1770.

Facts about Marie Antoinette 2: Queen of France and Navarre

Marie became the Queen of France and Navarre when her husband was crowned as Louis XVI on May 10th, 1774. She earned the title until September 1791. Her title as Queen of the French only lasted until September 21st, 1792 due to the French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette Pic

Marie Antoinette Pic

Facts about Marie Antoinette 3: Marie-Thérèse Charlotte

Marie-Thérèse Charlotte was the first child of Marie and his husband. She was born after the couple married for eight years. She had four kids.

Facts about Marie Antoinette 4: popularity

At first, Marie earned a great deal of popularity from the French people. However, the public started to hate her due to her negative behaviors. Her bad reputation was increased due to the Diamond Necklace affair.

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Facts about Marie Antoinette 5: Madame Déficit

Marie earned the title as Madame Déficit during the French Revolution because her extravagant spending.

facts about Marie Antoinette

facts about Marie Antoinette

Facts about Marie Antoinette 6: the abolishment of the monarchy

The monarchy was abolished on September 21st, 1792. On October 14th, 1793, her trial took place for two days. She was convicted for high treason according to the Revolutionary Tribunal.

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Facts about Marie Antoinette 7: death

On October 16, 1793, she was guillotined on Place de la Revolution.

Facts about Marie Antoinette 8: children

Marie had four children. They were Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte, Louis-Joseph-Xavier-François, Louis-Charles and Sophie-Hélène-Béatrix.

Marie Antoinette Facts

Marie Antoinette Facts

Facts about Marie Antoinette 9: financial problems of France

A number of factors led into the financial ruins of France.  The first one was related to the high expense of war. The second factor was related to the extravagant spending of the royal family paid by the state. The third one was related to the attitude of the clergy, aristocracy and privileged classes who did not want to help the government by spending cash from their pocket.

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Facts about Marie Antoinette 10: the public perception

Marie was perceived by the public as Madame Deficit in 1787 as she was believed to ruin the finance of France.

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