10 Facts about Marikina

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Have you ever visited Marikina before? This city is located in the Philippines. It was a home for 450,741 people based on the census in 2015. If you want to reach Metro Manila, the primary gateway is from Marikina. It sits at the eastern part of Metro Manila. In 1898 until 1899, Marikina earned the status as the provincial capital for Manila Province. Before Metro Manila was established, Marikina was a town in Rizal Province. Let us get other useful facts about Marikina below:

Facts about Marikina 1: the present-day economy

Today, Marikina is known due to its industrial and residential buildings. In the past, the town was a rural area. In the current years, the commercial settlement is found in the city.

Facts about Marikina 2: wealth

Marikina is a rich city in the Philippines due to the impressive economy. The shoe industry in the city is flourished. That is why it earns the title as “Shoe Capital of the Philippines”. More the 70 percent of the shoes produced in Philippines are from Marikina.

Facts about Marikina

Facts about Marikina

Facts about Marikina 3: the high quality shoes

The high quality shoes are manufactured in Marikina. It also has a museum dedicated for shoes. You just have to visit Shoe Museum. The shoes collection of Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines is housed in the museum.

Facts about Marikina 4: the famous landmark

One of the famous landmarks in Marikina is Roman Catholic Diocese of Marikina. In 1572, the cathedral was established in the city.

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Facts about Marikina 5: the natural feature

The primary natural feature in the city is Marikina River. It flows at the western area. The pristine trees are located around the river. The concrete walkways and structure are spotted at the southern part of the river.

Marikina Map

Marikina Map

Facts about Marikina 6: Marikina River Park

Marikina River Park is easy to access. People like to come to the park for it became recreational and sport centers.

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Facts about Marikina 7: natural disaster

Natural disaster is prevalent in Marikina. In 2012, the city was affected by the monsoon flooding. In 2009, it was hit by Typhoon Ketsana.

Facts about Marikina 8: the major threat

The major threat for the people who live in Marikina is earthquake. The constant sinking is spotted on the fault line of east Marikina.

Marikina Facts

Marikina Facts

Facts about Marikina 9: climate

The climate in Marikina is defined with the tropical monsoon.

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Facts about Marikina 10: the wet and dry season

In June to December, the city has the wet season. In January to May, it has dry season.

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