10 Facts about Marilyn Chin

Post On: May 31, 2017
By: Agustina

Look at the important information about the professor of English on Facts about Marilyn Chin.  She is also known as an activist, writer, poet, editor, and feminist. This Chinese American has created a number of literary works, which have been taught in many parts of the world. She created textbooks and anthologies. Many people are interested to do literary criticism and academic research in her works.

Facts about Marilyn Chin 1: Library of Congress

When she was in Library of Congress, she read her poetry.

Facts about Marilyn Chin 2: the early life

Her family relocated to America from Hong Kong. She was raised in Portland, Oregon.

facts about Marilyn Chin

facts about Marilyn Chin

Facts about Marilyn Chin 3: education

She attended University of Iowa and graduated with an M.F.A.  She was enrolled at University of Massachusetts with a B.A.

Facts about Marilyn Chin 4: the poetry

The primary topics of her poetry are related to bi-cultural identity, feminism and Asian-American life.

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Facts about Marilyn Chin 5: awards

During her career as a poet, she has received various awards.  She has been awarded by Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship at Bellagio, United Artists Foundation Fellowship, and SeaChange fellowship from the Gaia Foundation and Radcliffe Institute Fellowship at Harvard, five Pushcart Prizes, Anisfield-Wolf Book Award and a Fulbright Fellowship to Taiwan.

Marilyn Chin Facts

Marilyn Chin Facts

Facts about Marilyn Chin 6: authoritative anthologies

Chin has been featured in a number of authoritative anthologies. You just have to check Open Boat and The Penguin Anthology of 20th Century American Poetry, The Norton Introduction to Poetry, The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Unsettling America.

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Facts about Marilyn Chin 7: “The Language of Life”

“The Language of Life” was aired in PBS series, which featured the interview of Chi, by Bill Moyers.

Facts about Marilyn Chin 8: “Poetry Everywhere”

“Poetry Everywhere” is PBS special where Garrison Keillor introduced the famous poem of Chin under the title “The Floral Apron”. During the 2012 Olympics in London, BBC selected it to present Hong Kong.

Marilyn Chin

Marilyn Chin

Facts about Marilyn Chin 9: the important position

The important position of Chin today is held at San Diego State University where she serves as a Full Professor for Department of English and Comparative Literature.

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Facts about Marilyn Chin 10: the famous poetry of Chin

If you are interested to read the famous poetry of Chin, you need to look at Hard Love Province, Rhapsody in Plain Yellow and Dwarf Bamboo Greenfield Review Press.

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