10 Facts about Marine Biome

Post On: June 1, 2017
By: Agustina

You will know about one of the two major water biomes on earth by reading Facts about Marine Biome. The other one is the freshwater biome. The saltwater ocean is the primary form of marine biome. Almost 70 percent of the surface of earth is covered by marine biome. Southern, Arctic, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are the five major oceans, which make up marine biome. Let us find out other impressive facts about marine biome below:

Facts about Marine Biome 1: coral reef

Coral reef is mostly found in marine biome where it becomes the living space of other smaller animals.

Facts about Marine Biome 2: estuaries

Estuaries are considered as marine biome too because it is a region where the streams and rivers go to the oceans.

Facts about Marine Biome

Facts about Marine Biome

Facts about Marine Biome 3: the animals and plants

The animals and plants, which live in the estuaries, are very different from the oceans due to their unique water. It is defined as a place where the saltwater and freshwater meets.

Facts about Marine Biome 4: layers

Three layers make up the marine biome. Each area is defined according to the amount of sunlight, which penetrates in the ocean.  The most sunlight is received at the top part of the ocean. It is called the euphotic zone or sunlit zone. It has the depth of 600 feet.

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Facts about Marine Biome 5: plankton

One of the important organisms in marine biome is plankton for it serves as the base of marine food chain.

Marine Biome Facts

Marine Biome Facts

Facts about Marine Biome 6: the second and third zone

The middle zone of the oceans is the disphotic zone or twilight zone. It has the depth from 600 to 3,000 feet. It is a home for animals or organisms which adapt well with little amount of sunlight.

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Facts about Marine Biome 7: the midnight zone

The midnight zone is called aphotic zone. It is located below 3,000 feet. It is characterized with the cold temperature and complete darkness.

Facts about Marine Biome 8: the types of animals

Marine biome is a home to various kinds of animals. The mammals are found in the ocean too. They have to come to the surface to breathe. On the other hand, the fish is capable to breathe in the ocean.

Marine Biome

Marine Biome

Facts about Marine Biome 9: mollusk

Mollusk is also housed in the ocean. It has no backbone. The body is very soft.

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Facts about Marine Biome 10: the examples of animals

The examples of animals to find in marine biome include rockfish, flatfish, stingray, grouper, clown fish, tuna, gars, sunfish mola and many more.

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