10 Facts about Marine Debris

Post On: June 1, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Marine Debris give the useful information about a marine litter. The waste is produced by the human being, which affects the waterway, ocean, sea and lake. The accumulation of marine debris is spotted on the coastlines and gyres. People also call it tide wrack or beach litter. A term ocean dumping is also introduced to call the deliberate disposal of waste on the oceans or seas. The driftwood is also spotted. It occurs naturally. Let us find out other interesting facts about marine debris below:

Facts about Marine Debris 1: plastic waste

Plastic waste is also spotted as a marine litter.  It becomes a major ecological issue because of the non-biodegradable feature of plastics.

Facts about Marine Debris 2: the waterborne plastics

The presence of waterborne plastics has negative effect on the living organisms, which live in the oceans like the marine mammals, marine reptiles, seabirds and fish.

Facts about Marine Debris

Facts about Marine Debris

Facts about Marine Debris 3: the problem of marine debris

The problem related to marine debris is associated with container spillages, waste dumping, wind-blown landfill waste and litters from the waterways.

Facts about Marine Debris 4: the land-based pollution

Almost 80 percent of the pollution was land-based according to a report made by UN Joint Group of Experts in 1991.

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Facts about Marine Debris 5: the ocean-based pollution

The ocean-based pollution accounts for around 50 percent of the plastic debris on the shores of Korea.

Marine Debris Pictures

Marine Debris Pictures

Facts about Marine Debris 6: the examples of marine debris

The rope, plastic bags, balloons, plastic bottles, glass bottles, medical waste, lost fishing lines, beverage cans, cigarette lighters, cigarette stubs and nets are the common marine debris found in the ocean.

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Facts about Marine Debris 7: ocean dumping of United States

In 1919 until 1970, the unused weapons and bombs were dumped by United States into the ocean.

Facts about Marine Debris 8: the amount of plastic

Plastic is considered as the common type of marine debris. It accounts for 80 percent of it.

Marine Debris

Marine Debris

Facts about Marine Debris 9: ghost nets

Ghost nest is a lost fishing net found in the ocean, which may trap the marine animals like crocodiles, sharks, dugongs, and fish. Infection, laceration, and starvation are the effects of trapping the animals.

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Facts about Marine Debris 10: the damages caused by plastic waste

Around 1,000,000 sea creatures are affected negatively due to the presence of plastic pollution.

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