10 Facts about Marine Iguanas

Post On: June 2, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with the Galapagos marine iguana on Facts about Marine Iguanas. The biological name is Amblyrhynchus cristatus. This animal is native to Galapagos Island in Ecuador.   Marine iguanas are included as marine reptiles due to its ability to forage for food in the sea. It is a little bit different from the rest of modern lizards. Let us get other interesting facts about marine iguanas below:

Facts about Marine Iguanas 1: the diet

The primary diet of marine iguana is algae, which can be found underwater. The females and smaller males will find the algae during the low tide. On the other hand, the adult males will get it by finding the algae underwater.

Facts about Marine Iguanas 2: lifestyle

Marine iguanas do not live alone. They form a colony, which lives, along the rocky shores. However, you can also find them living in beaches, mangrove and marshes.

facts about Marine Iguanas

facts about Marine Iguanas

Facts about Marine Iguanas 3:  the appearance

The appearance of marine iguanas is varied depending on the species and subspecies.

Facts about Marine Iguanas 4: the early visitors

Marine iguanas were described as disgusting and ugly animals by the early visitors of Galapagos Island.

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Facts about Marine Iguanas 5: the color

If you think that marine iguanas always have black color, you are wrong. Some of them may have gray color according to the collected adult specimen.  During the breeding season, the male marine iguanas have brighter color.

Marine Iguana

Marine Iguana

Facts about Marine Iguanas 6: the heat

After the marine iguanas emerge from the water, the body will absorb the heat automatically due to the dark body color.

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Facts about Marine Iguanas 7: the ability

Marine iguanas are impressive swimming even though they only have low level of agility on land.

Facts about Marine Iguanas 8: the size

The length of marine iguanas from the snout to vent reached 4.7 to 19.3 inches or 12 to 49 cm. the length of marine iguana’s tail is around 6.7 to 33.1 inches or 17 to 84 cm.

Marine Iguana Facts

Marine Iguana Facts

Facts about Marine Iguanas 9: sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism is spotted in marine iguanas. The females have 70 percent less weight than the males.

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Facts about Marine Iguanas 10: the mortality rates

The mortality rates of marine iguanas are determined according to the size differences of sexes. Thus, the female have lower fertility rate than the males.

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