10 Facts about Mark Bradford

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I will show you the complete information about the American artist on Facts about Mark Bradford. He was born in Los Angeles, California in 1961.  Janice Banks is the mother of Bradford who had a beauty salon in Leimert Park. At the age of 11, Bradford relocated to Santa Monica with his family. However, his mother still managed the business in the old neighborhood though they moved into a white neighborhood. Find out other impressive facts about Bradford below:

Facts about Mark Bradford 1: education

Bradford decided to work at the salon of his mother after he earned a hairdresser’s license. When he was 30 years, he decided to attend California Institute of the Arts in 1991. In 1995, Bradford got a BFA. In 1997, he earned an MFA.

Facts about Mark Bradford 2: the paintings of Bradford

The paintings of Bradford are unique for he employs the grid-line abstract design. It features a combined college.

Facts about Mark Bradford

Facts about Mark Bradford

Facts about Mark Bradford 3: the notable work

One of the notable works of Bradford was Orbit (2007). This collage can be found on LA streets, which contains a magazine picture of a basketball.

Facts about Mark Bradford 4: an aerial view

People are impressed with the aerial view produced by Bradford’s Orbit.  The artwork features layers of paint on the collage and decollage artworks.

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Facts about Mark Bradford 5: the famous work in 2008

Bradford also has an impressive work created in 2008. The title is very long. He calls it A Truly Rich Man is One Whose Children Run into His Arms Even When His Hands Are Empty. It has the height of 9 feet and width of 9 feet.

Mark Bradford Facts

Mark Bradford Facts

Facts about Mark Bradford 6: the media

Bradford applies different kinds of media to create artworks. He uses installation, print and videos.

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Facts about Mark Bradford 7: Mithra

Another impressive work in 2008 is Mithra. The barricade fencing was created from the salvaged wood. It has the dimension of 70 x 20 x 25 feet.

Facts about Mark Bradford 8: the exhibition of Mithra

Bradford exhibited Mithra to commemorate Hurricane Katrina in a contemporary art exhibition called prospect New Orleans.

Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford

Facts about Mark Bradford 9: Steve Turner Contemporary Gallery

The roof of Steve Turner Contemporary Gallery contained the work of Bradford inspired from Hurricane Katrina.  The roof features the big SOS sign.

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Facts about Mark Bradford 10: Pull Painting 1

Pull Painting 1 was created by Bradford in 2015. Sol LeWitt inspired him to create the drawing.

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