10 Facts about Mark Hearld

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One of the famous illustrators in the world is explained on Facts about Mark Hearld.  He had his MA from Royal College of Art in London in Natural History Illustration. Before that, he was enrolled at Glasgow School of Art to study illustration. There is no need to wonder that Hearld is recognized as one of the best illustrators in the art world. Let me show you other interesting facts about Mark Hearld below:

Facts about Mark Hearld 1: the works of Hearld

The natural world is considered as one of the primary themes found in most of Hearld’s works. He observes the natural world and put it in his painting.

Facts about Mark Hearld 2: influences

The works of Hearld are also inspired from the Modernism in 1930s and Neo-Romanticism in the mid-20th century.

mark hearld facts

mark hearld facts

Facts about Mark Hearld 3: commissions

Hearld has been commissioned by the famous museums or even publishers. The selected one includes ‘Mark Hearld’s Work Book’ published by Merrell Books in autumn 2012. It was the first book, which celebrated the work of Hearld.

Facts about Mark Hearld 4: another book

Walker Books published ‘A First Book of Nature’, which contained his works.

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Facts about Mark Hearld 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Hearld was located in York. He was born in 1974. In 1994 until 1997, he was enrolled at Glasgow School of Art.  Then he continued his education at Royal College of Art.

mark hearld

mark hearld

Facts about Mark Hearld 6: the common objects

The common objects depicted by Hearld in his works include foxes, pigeon lofts, and running hens. He is amazed by the plants and animals.

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Facts about Mark Hearld 7: Picasso

Do you know that Mark is a fan of Picasso? He was cited as the greatest inspiration for him.

Facts about Mark Hearld 8: other famous artists

The works of Bawden, Ravilious and Piper dated back in 1930s also influenced him a lot. He also liked the works of Keith Vaughn and Craxton in 1940s and 1950s.

Facts about mark hearld

Facts about mark hearld

Facts about Mark Hearld 9: the British countryside

The plants and animals that he spots in British countryside gave him inspirations. His works are also implemented in hand-painted ceramics, painting, linocut prints, lithographic prints and collages. However, he only has them as limited edition products.

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Facts about Mark Hearld 10: Faber & Faber and Tate Museums

Faber & Faber and Tate Museums have commissioned Mark due to his amazing works.

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