10 Facts about Marketing

Post On: June 8, 2017
By: Agustina

Check Facts about Marketing if you want to study of exchange relationship in management. It involves the process of creating, sending, communicating and exchanging offerings. Marketing is very important in business because it will generate more customers. Moreover, it can be used to satisfy and keep the customers. There are two primary focuses of business management. Both are innovation and marketing. Let me show you other interesting facts about marketing below:

Facts about Marketing 1: the original meaning

The original meaning of marketing is to go to the market to sell services or goods. The methods of marketing can be enhanced using different approaches.

Facts about Marketing 2: the practice of marketing

The practice of marketing has been traced since the pastime. It was included as a creative industry. Selling, distribution and advertising were included in the marketing.

Facts about Marketing

Facts about Marketing

Facts about Marketing 3: a science

Today, marketing is noted as a science for it involves a number of scientific studies such as neuroscience, anthropology, economics, mathematics, sociology, psychology and social sciences.

Facts about Marketing 4: the profession

The profession of a marketer is not easy for some people for they need to earn a degree about it. Some high quality universities in the world offer the student with MSc program of marketing.

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Facts about Marketing 5: how to do marketing

The successful marketing involves a number of important steps. The marketer has to do marketing research first. Then they will have to penetrate to the market segment. Then the business planning and execution should be performed.



Facts about Marketing 6: the marketing literature

The marketing literature contains the vocabularies applied in the marketing world. It is evolved from time to time due to the development of human’s culture.

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Facts about Marketing 7: product orientation

A company who focuses on the quality of the product is applying a product orientation. The marketers should notice on the needs of the customers as well as the good insights about them.

Facts about Marketing 8: sale orientation

If the company focuses more on promoting or selling a certain product, it applies the sales orientation without thinking about the need of the customers. To get the highest sales, the company will perform the innovative and effective promotion method.

Marketing Pic

Marketing Pic

Facts about Marketing 9: production orientation

The service or product is generated as much as possible in production orientation. It applies when a certain product is in high demand.

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Facts about Marketing 10: the customer orientation

The company focuses more on what the customers need in customer orientation.

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