10 Facts about Mars Rover

Post On: June 11, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mars Rover impress us with the details about automated motor vehicles. When it arrives on Planet Mars, it has the ability to propel itself. There are a number of advantages of using Mars Rover. During the weather winter months, the vehicles have the ability to find the sunny position.  They also feature the advanced technology with a remote robotic control. The scientists will be able to explore more territories on Mars using Mars Rover. When there is a unique feature on Mars, it is easy to direct the rover, to check and to examine it. Let us find out other unique facts about Mars Rover below:

Facts about Mars Rover 1: the number of Mars Rover

Four Mars rovers have been successful to explore the red planet. The Mars Pathfinder mission was under the management of Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Today, Sojourner rover is not active anymore.

Facts about Mars Rover 2: the Opportunity rover

The Opportunity rover is the active rover, which runs on Mars Exploration Rover Mission.

Mars Rover Facts

Mars Rover Facts

Facts about Mars Rover 3: the evidence of ancient life

NASA tried to find out the evidence of ancient life on Mars by using the active Opportunity and Curiosity Rovers. The current studies about the issue were reported by NASA on 4 January 2016.

Facts about Mars Rover 4: the ancient life

The goal of the study is to find out the ancient life on Mars by checking on the ancient water and biosphere.  The people are curious if Mars was habitable.

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Facts about Mars Rover 5: the main objectives of NASA

NASA has three main goals by launching Mars rover mission. They want to find out the organic carbon, fossils and habitability of Mars.

Mars Rover Pictures

Mars Rover Pictures

Facts about Mars Rover 6: the record of Opportunity rover

On 7th July 2003, Opportunity was launched to reach Mars. On 25th January 2004, it successfully arrived at the surface of Mars.

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Facts about Mars Rover 7: the longevity

Opportunity took over the preceded record related to the longevity of Mars mission. As of 11th June 2017, it is still operated on Mars.

Facts about Mars Rover 8: the total distance

The total distance covered by Mars Rover reached 25.01 miles or 40.25 kilometer.

Mars Rover

Mars Rover

Facts about Mars Rover 9: Curiosity

On 26th November 2011, Curiosity was launched to reach Mars from Mars Science Laboratory. On 6 August 2012, it landed on Gale Crater.

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Facts about Mars Rover 10: development

The development of Mars rover has taken place over the years. In 2020, NASA has a plan to launch the new version of Curiosity.

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