10 Facts about Martha Stewart

Post On: June 13, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with the details of the American businesswoman on facts about Martha Stewart. She was born on 3rd August 1941. People also recognize her as a TV personality and writer. Omnimedia was established as Stewart.  She has been involved in many business ventures. It ranges from e-commerce, merchandising, broadcasting and publishing. Martha Stewart Living magazine is published by this woman.

Facts about Martha Stewart 1: as a writer

Do you know that Stewart is also a writer? She has written many best-selling books.

Facts about Martha Stewart 2: TV personality

Her fame increases for she is known as a TV personality. In 1993 until 2005, she became the host for Martha Stewart Living. She also had another TV show broadcasted in 2005 until 2012.

Facts about Martha Stewart

Facts about Martha Stewart

Facts about Martha Stewart 3: Conviction

It was very surprising to know that Stewart was convicted in stock trading case of ImClone in 2004. Due to the charges, many people believe that her career as a businesswoman would end. In 2005, she tried to make a comeback in the industry. In 2006, her company began to generate a profit again.

Facts about Martha Stewart 4: In 2011

In 2011, she had a comeback in Omnimedia as a board of director. In 2012, she earned the role as chairman. In 2015, Sequential Brands acquired the company.

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Facts about Martha Stewart 5: The second career

The profession of her father-in-law was as a stockbroker.  She tried to embrace the new profession as her second career in 1967. On the other hand, a publishing house was established by Andrew Stewart where he served as the chief executive.

Martha Stewart Facts

Martha Stewart Facts

Facts about Martha Stewart 6: A comeback

Stewart made a comeback after she was released from the prison in March 2005. She participated again in Martha Stewart Living. Her comeback was highly publicized by the media.

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Facts about Martha Stewart 7: Martha Stewart Everyday line

Martha Stewart Everyday line was offered at Kmart. It was one of the biggest moves to expand her brand.

Facts about Martha Stewart 8:  Homekeeping Handbook

Homekeeping Handbook was the book written by Stewart released in October 2006. Clarkson Potter published the book.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Facts about Martha Stewart 9: NBC’s Today show

Stewart also participated on NBC’s Today show where she became a regular contributor for gardening, crafts and cooking.

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Facts about Martha Stewart 10: Ugly Betty

On 16th November 2006, Stewart appeared on Ugly Betty.

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