10 Facts about Martial Law

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Facts about Martial Law talk about military control of the civilian government due to the presence of a temporary emergency. The primary reason of application of martial law is associated with an occupation of a territory, disaster or invasion.  The main function of martial law is establishing a rule for the public with enforcement by the military control. In 2006 and 2014, Thailand applied a coup d’état. Let us find out other interesting facts about martial law below:

Facts about Martial Law 1: the application of martial law

Martial law has been applied in some countries in the world temporarily. In 1981, Poland had martial law to repress the political opposition. Revolutionary Guards controlled Iran because of the Iranian Green Movement in 2009. In 1989, Tiananmen Square protests were suppressed with martial law.

Facts about Martial Law 2: other reasons

When a country had a major natural disaster, military control may occur. When the civil government is not present because of an occupation, the military will control the state.

Facts about Martial Law

Facts about Martial Law

Facts about Martial Law 3: Australia

In mid-1820 until 1832, the British colonists and Aboriginal Australians had a harsh conflict in Tasmania. It was called the Black War. In November 1828, the martial law was imposed by Lieutenant-Governor George Arthur because of the increase of violence in the end of 1820s.

Facts about Martial Law 4: the longest imposition of martial law

The longest imposition of martial law in Australia was during the Black War, which granted legal immunity for killing the aboriginal people. It lasted for over three years.

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Facts about Martial Law 5: Brunei

Brunei Revolt took place on December 8, 1962, which led into the imposition of a martial law. The British soldiers from Singapore were capable to suppress it.

Martial Law Facts

Martial Law Facts

Facts about Martial Law 6: in Canada

In 1775 until 1776, the American Continental Congress invaded the Canada, which led into the imposition of martial law in Province of Quebec during the colonial period.

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Facts about Martial Law 7: in Egypt

Martial law was also imposed in Egypt under the vice president Omar Suleiman de facto. The powers were at the hand of the military.

Facts about Martial Law 8: who is on power?

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces controls the power of the state for the constitution, parliament, a holy text and people lose their power.

Martial Law

Martial Law

Facts about Martial Law 9: Philippines

On September 21, 1944, martial law was imposed in Philippines under President José P. Laurel during the World War 2.

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Facts about Martial Law 10: Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos was an authoritarian ruler who introduced the martial law again in the Philippine in 1972 until 1981.

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