10 Facts about Maruti 800

Post On: June 17, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Maruti 800 will tell the readers about a small city car. The production of Maruti 800 took place from 1983 until January 18th, 2014 in India.  The manufacturer is Maruti Suzuki. The design of 1979 Suzuki Fronte was used as the base for the first generation of SS80. It featured an 800 cc F8B engine. Let us find out other interesting facts about Maruti 800 below:

Facts about Maruti 800 1: the importance of Maruti 800

Maruti 800 was a significant car in India. The production of this car reached 2.87 million. The Indian people used 2.66 million of its production.

Facts about Maruti 800 2: the record

Maruti 800 takes the record as the second longest car produced in India for it spanned for more than 30 years. The first record is taken by Hindustan Ambassador.

Facts about Maruti 800

Facts about Maruti 800

Facts about Maruti 800 3: the best-selling car

The bestselling car in India was taken by Maruti 800 until 2004. Then the title is taken by Maruti Alto.

Facts about Maruti 800 4: export

Maruti 800 is also produced for export. The countries, which imported Maruti 800 were Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. The car was also marketed at some European countries and Morocco.

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Facts about Maruti 800 5: the impact

The introduction of Maruti 800 gave positive impact to the car industry in the country. Maruti 800 is known as the first cheap automobile for all people in India. It has high speed and front wheel drive.

Maruti 800 Facts

Maruti 800 Facts

Facts about Maruti 800 6: the end of its production

Speculations arise related to the end of its production. Some believed that the production was stopped because of the declining sales of the car.

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Facts about Maruti 800 7: the rate of sales

The rate of sales of Maruti 800 was declined as of April 2010 at 3.7 percent. It seems that the introduction of Alto had a major impact on the declined sales of Maruti 800 because the former one was sold in affordable price.

Facts about Maruti 800 8: the facelifts

The facelifts of Maruti 800 were minor after it had a complete restoration in 1986.

Maruti 800

Maruti 800

Facts about Maruti 800 9: the second generation

In 1986 until 1997, the second generation of Maruti 800 was produced in the market where it had facelifts on the facade.

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Facts about Maruti 800 10: the seating capacity

The maximum seating capacity of Maruti 800 is for five people.

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