10 Facts about Mary and Joseph

Post On: July 3, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mary and Joseph tell the readers about the first-century Galilean Jewish and his husband. In the New Testament and Quran, Mary is recognized as the mother of Jesus. She is described as a Virgin. However, the Christians believe that the Holy Spirit conceived her with a son while Mary was still a virgin. Let us find out other interesting facts about Mary and Joseph below:

Facts about Mary and Joseph 1: betrothal

Mary and Joseph were betrothed when the magical birth of Jesus happened. The birthplace of Jesus was located in Bethlehem.

Facts about Mary and Joseph 2: the importance of Mary

Mary is an important figure in Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Oriental Orthodox. Those believe that the Mother of God or mother of Jesus is Mary.

Mary and Joseph Church

Mary and Joseph Church

Facts about Mary and Joseph 3: the belief about Mary

The belief about Mary is varied depending on the traditions of Christianity. Moreover, the devotional practices are also different depending on the Marian beliefs.

Facts about Mary and Joseph 4: Marian dogmas

The Marian dogmas are also different in the Roman Catholic Church related to the Assumption of Mary into the heaven, Mary’s Virginity, Immaculate Conception, and Mother of God status.

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Facts about Mary and Joseph 5: the role of Mary

The role of Mary is minimized in Protestants because of the short references of Mary in the bible.

Mary and Joseph Facts

Mary and Joseph Facts

Facts about Mary and Joseph 6: in Islam

Mary is also noted in Islam.  The Quran cited Mary in one of the long chapters. She had an important role in this religion.

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Facts about Mary and Joseph 7: moving to Bethlehem

Due to a Roman census, Joseph had to come back to Bethlehem, his hometown based on the Gospel of Luke.

Facts about Mary and Joseph 8: the birth of Jesus

The birth of Jesus took place in Bethlehem since Joseph had to come back to his hometown.   The baby was named Jesus. The meaning is “Yahweh is salvation”.

Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph

Facts about Mary and Joseph 9: a dream

Joseph took his family to Egypt because he had a dream that King Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus. The Holy family returned to Israel after the death of Herod in the fourth BC.

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Facts about Mary and Joseph 10: who was Joseph?

Methodism, Lutheranism, Anglican Communion, Oriental Orthodox Church, Catholic Church and Orthodox Church consider Joseph as Saint Joseph. His wife is Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. He was known as the legal father of Jesus.

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