10 Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays

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Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays tell the readers about a woman believed as Molly Pitcher. Talking about Hays, people always associate her with Molly Pitcher. However, the latter one is considered as folklore than a history according to many historians. Molly Pitcher was believed to participate at Battle of Monmouth. The tales about Molly Pitcher are famous in United States. Other historians believe that a number of real women who participated in the battle inspired the tales of Molly Pitcher. Let us find out other interesting facts about Mary Ludwig Hays:

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 1: the name Molly Pitcher

The name Molly Pitcher was used to call the women in the battlefield that carried water for the men.

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 2: Molly Pitcher and Hays

Mary Ludwig Hays is always associated with the story of Molly Pitcher. During the Revolutionary War period, Mary was often nicknamed as Molly.

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 3: the biography of Mary

For Molly Pitcher is always attributed to Mary Ludwig Hays, the historians are interested to gather the biographical information about her. They tried to find out the information about her tax records, census, marriage, birth year, name, cultural heritage and others.

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 4: the birthplace

It was believed that Hays was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The actual birth date of Hays was still in a matter of dispute.

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Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 5: the birth date

According to a marker in her grave, she was born on 13th October 1744.

Mary Ludwig Hays Facts

Mary Ludwig Hays Facts

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 6: the family of Hays

Hays lived with her parents. Her father was Johann George Ludwig. He worked as a butcher. Her mother was Maria Margaretha. She had an older brother named Johann Martin.

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Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 7: education

Hays was not an educated girl. During her era, education was not important for girls. Therefore, Hays never learned on how to read or write.

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 8: marriage

Her husband was William Hays who worked as a barber. The couple married in early 1777.

Mary Ludwig Hays

Mary Ludwig Hays

Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 9: the continental army records

It was believed that William Hayes involved in Battle of Monmouth in 1778 as an artilleryman according to the records of Continental Army.

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Facts about Mary Ludwig Hays 10: joining her husband

Mary joined the winter camp of continental army located at Valley Forge Pennsylvania in the winter of 1777 along with her husband. She and other women helped the men who fought in the battle by carrying them with water.

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