10 Facts about Mary Musgrove

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Facts about Mary Musgrove talk about a person who aided the development of Colonial Georgia. Do you know that she had the English and Yamacraw ancestry? Musgrove was born circa 1700 and died circa 1763. She had a prominent role as a mediator between the English colonist and Muscogee Creek Indians. Let us get the details about Mary Musgrove by reading the following post below:

Facts about Mary Musgrove 1: the birthplace

Her father was an English-Carolina trader. His name was Edward Griffin. He came from Charles Town, South California. Her mother was a Yamacraw Native American.

Facts about Mary Musgrove 2: the death of her mother

Musgrove was raised by her grandmother after the death of her mother. She was only 3 years old when her mother passed away.

Facts about Mary Musgrove

Facts about Mary Musgrove

Facts about Mary Musgrove 3: the name

In the later life, she was known as Mary Musgrove Matthews Bosomworth. It was her married and Christian name.

Facts about Mary Musgrove 4: the real name

The real name of Mary was Coosaponakeesa.  Her matrilineal family was a prominent one among the Native Americans. Her mother stated that Brims was her brother. He was known as the leader of Coweta.

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Facts about Mary Musgrove 5: the early life

Until she was seven years old, Musgrove was raised with the Creeks. She stated that her birthplace was located in Coweta. Then her father took her and raised her.  She was raised with Christian faith. She was named Mary after being baptized.

Mary Musgrove Pic

Mary Musgrove Pic

Facts about Mary Musgrove 6: living in Pon Pon

Mary settled in Pon Pon. However, she relocated to her Creek home due to the Yamasee War in 1715.

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Facts about Mary Musgrove 7: the occupation of her father

Musgrove was a planter and trader from South Carolina. His name was Captain John Musgrove Sr. The Carolina Assembly gave him a job to mediate the English colonists and Creeks.

Facts about Mary Musgrove 8: marriage

Mary was married to Johnny Musgrove. Before moving to Pon Pon in 1725, the couple lived with Coweta kin.

Mary Musgrove

Mary Musgrove

Facts about Mary Musgrove 9: death of her husband

Her husband passed away because of fever on 12 June 1735. In the spring 1737, she married again. Her new husband was Jacob Mathews.

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Facts about Mary Musgrove 10: the new role of Mary

Musgrove was employed by Oglethorpe as his advisor, mediator and interpreter for a decade.

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