10 Facts about Mary Poppins

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Facts about Mary Poppins tell you about an American musical-fantasy film released in 1964. Walt Disney was the producer, while Robert Stevenson was the film director. The Sherman Brothers were the composers and writers of the songs in Mary Poppins. Have you watched this classic movie before? P. L. Travers’ book series Mary Poppins were the inspiration to create the movie. Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi adapted the series into a movie. Here are other unique facts about Mary Poppins to notice:

Facts about Mary Poppins 1: the primary character

Mary Poppins was the primary character in the movie. It was portrayed by Julie Andrews. This movie was a combination of animation and live action.

Facts about Mary Poppins 2: the plot

The plot was centered on how Mary Poppins tried to enhance the dynamics of her dysfunctional family in London by using her unique lifestyle.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

Facts about Mary Poppins 3: the supporting roles

The supporting roles in the movie were portrayed by Glynis Johns, David Tomlinson and Dick Van Dyke.

Facts about Mary Poppins 4: filming

The filming location of Mary Poppins was located at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.  Since the setting was located in London, the studio was painted with London background.

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Facts about Mary Poppins 5: releasing the movie

On 27th August 1964, the film was released in the market. It was critically and commercially successful.

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews

Facts about Mary Poppins 6: nominations of Oscar

During the Academy Award, Mary Poppins earned 13 nominations. It won five.

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Facts about Mary Poppins 7: preservation

The Library of Congress decided to preserve the film of Mary Poppins for US National Film Registry in 2013.

Facts about Mary Poppins 8: the characters

Mary Poppins was portrayed by Julie Andrews.  In the book series, Poppins was described as a pompous and strict character.  In the movie, she was a kind, gentle and firm character. This due to the ad for looking a nanny for Banks children, Poppins descended down from the cloud. The closest friend of Poppins was Bert portrayed by Dick Van Dyke.

Facts about Mary Poppins

Facts about Mary Poppins

Facts about Mary Poppins 9: other important characters

George Banks was the employer of Poppins. He was the father of Michael and Jane. David Tomlinson portrayed this character.

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Facts about Mary Poppins 10: voices

Some animal characters were also spotted in Mary Poppins. The Female Pearly called Robin was voiced by Julie Andrews. Penguin waiter was voiced by Peter Ellenshaw. Marc Breaux provided the voice for Cow.

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