10 Facts about Mary Quant

Post On: July 16, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mary Quant will make you learn more about the famous Welsh fashion designer.  She was born on February 11th, 1934.  Dame Barbara Mary Quant is also recognized as a British fashion icon.  Quant played an important role in the youth fashion and London-based Mod movements in 1960s. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Mary Quant.

Facts about Mary Quant 1: the notable designs

The notable designs of Quant were hot pants and miniskirts.  She promoted a fun styled fashion on the young people.

Facts about Mary Quant 2: the famous designers

Quant is placed among other famous designers like Dior and Chanel who influenced the fashion of the people.

Facts about Mary Quant

Facts about Mary Quant

Facts about Mary Quant 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Quant was located in Blackheath, London. Her parents were Jack and Mildred Quants. Both of them worked as teachers.

Facts about Mary Quant 4: education

Quant was educated at Blackheath High School. Then she went to Goldsmiths College to study illustration.

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Facts about Mary Quant 5: as an apprentice

Quant became an apprentice at Eric after she earned a Diploma in Art Education. Erik was located on Brook Street. It was a prominent Mayfair milliner.

Mary Quant Dress

Mary Quant Dress

Facts about Mary Quant 6: the personal life

In 1953, Quant met Alexander Plunket Greene. He was her business partner and future husband. In 1957, the couple married. In 1990, her husband passed away. The couple is blessed with a son born in 1970. His name is Orlando.

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Facts about Mary Quant 7: Archie McNair

The first shop of Quant was located on King’s Road in London in November 1954 where she worked with Archie McNair and Greene. The store was located Bazaar. The location of the store was above the basement restaurant of Greene, Alexander’s.

Facts about Mary Quant 8: the second branch

Terence Conran designed the second branch of Bazaar. It was opened in 1957.

Mary Quant Facts

Mary Quant Facts

Facts about Mary Quant 9: the successful designs

The fashion designs of Quant were successful. Quant created a mad lounging pajamas, and long cardigan for men.  Her designs were spotted in Harper’s Bazaar.

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Facts about Mary Quant 10: miniskirt

One of her famous products was miniskirt. In 1960s, her miniskirt defined the youthful movement. Quant’s design enabled the girls to catch a bus freely by wearing the miniskirt. She created simple, liberating, youthful and easy clothes for women. Hot pants were popularized by Quant in the end of 1960s.

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