10 Facts about Mary Read

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Facts about Mary Read tell you about an English Pirate. She was also known as Mark Read. She was born circa 1690 and died in 1721. Read and Anne Bonny were considered as the most famous female pirates in the world. During the peak of Golden Age of Piracy, both of them were convicted in 18th century because of piracy. Here are other interesting facts about Mary Read:

Facts about Mary Read 1: an illegitimate daughter

The birthplace of Read was located in England. She was an illegitimate daughter.

Facts about Mary Read 2: the birth date

The birth date of Mary Read is still a matter of dispute. It was believed that she was born circa 1690.

Facts about Mary Read

Facts about Mary Read

Facts about Mary Read 3: the birth of Mary

Her mother was pregnant because of an affair. She tried to disguise Mary as Mark. He was Mary’s legitimate older brother who had died. Her mother did it so that she would get the financial support from Mark’s paternal grandmother.

Facts about Mary Read 4: the teenage years

Her mother and Mary got the financial support until she was a teen from the fooled grandmother.

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Facts about Mary Read 5: disguising as a boy

At first, the young Read was employed as a footboy while she was still dressed up like a boy. Later, she was hired on a ship.

Mary Read Pic

Mary Read Pic

Facts about Mary Read 6: British military

Read became a member of British military. She became a great soldier in the battlefield by disguising as a man.

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Facts about Mary Read 7: personal life

Read was in love with a Flemish soldier. The couple got married. She bought an inn by using the fund from her military commissions. The location of the inn was close to Breda Castle in the Netherlands. It was called “De drie hoefijzers”. In English, it means “The Three Horseshoes”.

Facts about Mary Read 8: the death of her husband

Read decided to dress up in male again after the death of her husband. She joined military service in Holland.

Mary Read

Mary Read

Facts about Mary Read 9: the life as a pirate

Read followed John “Calico Jack” Rackham and Anne Bonny in 1720 as a pirate. Bonny told her that she was a woman. Therefore, Read told her that she was actually a woman too.

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Facts about Mary Read 10: in popular culture

Mary Read is a popular character. Olivia Morgan provided the voice for Mary Read in 2013 video game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

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