10 Facts about Mary Robinson

Post On: July 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Have you ever heard about Facts about Mary Robinson? She is the first female president of Ireland. She was in the presidential office in December 1990. Her term ended in September 1997. In 1997 until 2002, she was appointed as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Robinson was born on May 21st, 1944. She was the seventh president of Ireland. Let me show you other interesting facts about Mary Robinson below:

Facts about Mary Robinson 1: the national prominence

People began to recognize him when he became a member of Irish Senate. She was also known as a campaigner, barrister and academic.

Facts about Mary Robinson 2: presidential election

The first president in Ireland who did not own support from Fianna Fail was Robinson. The Labour Party, Workers Party and independent senators nominated her during the presidential election. She was capable to defeat Fine Gael’s Austin Currie and Fianna Fáil’s Brian Lenihan.

Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson

Facts about Mary Robinson 3: achievement

People were impressed with her work as a president of Ireland. She transformed Ireland in positive way. The low profile and conservative political office was revitalized and liberalized under the presidency of Robinson.

Facts about Mary Robinson 4: resign

Robinson decided to take the role in United Nations. Thus, she gave up two months of her term as a president of Ireland before it was ended.

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Facts about Mary Robinson 5: criticism

One of the primary criticisms of Robinson was related to capital punishment in United States. Her criticism was also centered on the immigrant policy of Ireland.

Mary Robinson Facts

Mary Robinson Facts

Facts about Mary Robinson 6: visiting Tibet

She gained the widespread attention when visiting Tibet in 1998. She was the first High Commissioner of United Nations, which conducted such action.

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Facts about Mary Robinson 7: a controversial conference

Robinson had a controversial conference in Durban, South Africa in 2001 during the World Conference against Racism. In September 2002, she had to give up her post due to United States’ pressure.

Facts about Mary Robinson 8: the work after UN tenure

Realizing Rights: the Ethical Globalization Initiative was formed by Robinson after she left United Nations in 2002.

Facts about Mary Robinson

Facts about Mary Robinson

Facts about Mary Robinson 9: prominent roles

Robinson has taken a number of prominent roles. Do you know that she is the Chancellor of University of Dublin?  The Institute for Human Rights and Business also appoints her as a chairman.

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Facts about Mary Robinson 10: teaching

Robinson also holds a teaching post at Columbia University. International human rights are the primary subject.

Are you impressed after reading facts about Mary Robinson?