10 Facts about Mary Rose

Post On: July 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mary Rose tell us about a carrack-type warship. The last action of this ship took place on July 19th, 1545. In 1536, it was rebuilt. This ship had served in a number of wars against Brittany, Scotland and France. It had been in service for at least 33 years during the reign of King Henry VIII. Let us check other facts about Mary Rose below:

Facts about Mary Rose 1: the sinking ship

Mary sank in the Solent located north of Isle of Wight when it dealt with the invasion of French fleet.

Facts about Mary Rose 2: rediscovery

In 1971, the remains of Mary Rose were discovered. Mary Rose Trust raised the wreck in 1982. In the history of maritime archeology, it was considered as one of the costliest and complicated projects.

Facts about the Mary Rose

Facts about the Mary Rose

Facts about Mary Rose 3: Tudor era

The archaeologists and scientists earned various data related to the Tudor era due to the valuable artifacts found on the wreck of Mary Rose.

Facts about Mary Rose 4: findings

The findings on Mary Rose included naval supplies, sailing equipments, weapons and objects.

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Facts about Mary Rose 5: the topics

There are various topics related to Mary Rose. The findings provided insights for the experts to learn about the history of musical instruments as well as naval warfare.

the Mary Rose Facts

the Mary Rose Facts

Facts about Mary Rose 6: display

You just have to visit Mary Rose Museum if you are interested to know the preserved artifacts of Mary Rose. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard features the display of Mary Rose’s hull.

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Facts about Mary Rose 7: the heavy guns

One of the most important features in Mary Rose was the heavy guns. Since it was a war ship, guns were required.

Facts about Mary Rose 8: the exact cause of sinking

Until this present day, the historians have not realized the exact cause of Mary Rose’s sinking. The physical evidence was not clear. Moreover, the testimonies related to its sinking were conflicted.

the Mary Rose Images

the Mary Rose Images

Facts about Mary Rose 9: the construction

In 1510, the construction of Mary Rose was started in Portsmouth. In July 1511, it was launched on the sea. The decking, rigging and armaments were fitted on Mary Rose after being towed in London.

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Facts about Mary Rose 10: equipments and details

Mary Rose was equipped with streamers, banners and flags.  The structural details of the ship enabled it to arm, stock and sail on the sea.

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