10 Facts about Masaccio

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Read Facts about Masaccio to find out the first great Italian painter. He was born as Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone on 21st December 1401 and died in the summer of 1428.  He was an important figure in the Italian Renaissance. He was capable to imitate the lifelike movements and figure in his nature paintings. However, he died young at the age of 26. The exact cause of his death is still a big question until today. Find out other impressive facts about Masaccio below:

Facts about Masaccio 1: the name

The name Masaccio is considered as the shorter version of Tommaso.  It reflects the humorous style of Maso. It means messy or clumsy Tom.

Facts about Masaccio 2: selection of name

The name Masaccio was selected to distinguish him from Masolino. The latter one was his principal collaborator who shared the same name.

Facts about Masaccio

Facts about Masaccio

Facts about Masaccio 3: career

The career of Masaccio was short due to his death. However, he was capable to influence the next artists.

Facts about Masaccio 4: the linear perspective

The linear perspective was spotted in his works. He was known as the first painter who applied vanishing point in art.

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Facts about Masaccio 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Masaccio was located in Castel San Giovanni di Altura. His parents were Jacopa di Martinozzo and Giovanni di Simone Cassai.

Masaccio Facts

Masaccio Facts

Facts about Masaccio 6: parents

His maternal grandfather worked in Barberino di Mugello as an innkeeper. His father worked as a notary. In 1406, his father passed away. At that time, he was only 5 years old. His mother married again in 1412.

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Facts about Masaccio 7: artistic education

The exact information related to the artistic education of Masaccio is not known. It was believed that he had his training as an artist by relocating to Florence.

Facts about Masaccio 8: the first work

The San Giovenale Triptych (1422) was the first work of Masaccio.  You just have to go to the Museum of Cascia di Reggello to check it. Another work of Masaccio was the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne.



Facts about Masaccio 9: other works

Nativity and an Annunciation were the two other works attributed to Masaccio. However, both of them are lost today.

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Facts about Masaccio 10: influence

Despite his death at young age, Masaccio was capable to affect the art world. He shifted the popularity into the humanist and natural work from the Gothic art.

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