10 Facts about Masada

Post On: July 22, 2017
By: Agustina

Let ‘s get the details about an ancient fortification on Facts about Masada. It is located at the Southern District of Israel. Masada overlooks the Dead Sea for it sits at the top of a rock plateau. Masada was fortified between 37 and 31 BCE by Herod the Great when he established palaces on the mountain.  Here are other interesting facts about Masada:

Facts about Masada 1: Roman Empire

The troops of Roman Empire besieged Masada, which led into the mass suicide of 960 individuals at the First Jewish-Roman War.

Facts about Masada 2: the present-day Masada

The present-day Masada earns the title as one of the most popular destinations for the tourists in Israel.

Facts about Masada

Facts about Masada

Facts about Masada 3: Josephus

Josephus is the Jewish Roman history in the first century who provided historical information about Masada.

Facts about Masada 4: Alexander Jannaeus

In the first century BCE, Alexander Jannaeus fortified the site according to Josephus. Antipater was the father of Herod the Great who died when his son used his power to capture it.

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Facts about Masada 5: in 2001

In 2001, Masada was designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The site featured Memory of Yigael Yadin located at Masada Museum in 2007. The theatrical setting is used to display the archeological findings in Masada.

Masada Image

Masada Image

Facts about Masada 6: Yadin

Yadin was an important figure for he and his team were capable to unearth the artifacts in the site in 1960s. They came from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Facts about Masada 7: Masada National Park

Masada National Park is established too in the site where it features the archeological site. You need to pay the entrance fee to visit the park even though you come here by hiking.

Facts about Masada 8: the hiking paths

Two hiking paths are available. However, you have to be careful due to the steep condition.  Both are the Roman Ramp Trail and Snake Trail. The former one is accessible through the western part.



Facts about Masada 9: the hikers

Even though both paths are steep, many hikers are interested to try. An hour before the sunrise, they will hike through the path.

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Facts about Masada 10: closing

Due to the extreme heat, the hiking path is closed in the summer season during daytime.

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