10 Facts about Mask Making

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Facts about Mask Making tell you about the process of making mask. People wear a mask for various purposes. It can be used for performance, disguise, protection and entertainment. You can wear it on the face. It has two major purposes for practical and ceremonial values. The mask is not always worn in the face. In some cultures, the mask is worn in other parts of the body. During the dancing and storytelling, the finger masks are worn by Inuit women.  The body is covered by the giant totem masks in some parts of Australia. Let us find out other interesting facts about mask making below:

Facts about Mask Making 1: the oldest masks

The oldest known masks have the height of 9,000 years old.

Facts about Mask Making 2: the ancient masks

The ancient masks were made from the wood materials or vegetative materials. In some cases, it was also made of leather with war paint.

Mask Making Facts

Mask Making Facts

Facts about Mask Making 3: Carnival of Venice

One of the prominent festivals of masks in the world is celebrated in Venice. It is called Carnival of Venice. The first celebration was spotted in 1268 AD.

Facts about Mask Making 4: Yup’ik masks

The Yup’ik masks were available in various sizes. It could be very big with the weight of 10 kilograms. Therefore, a number of people had to carry it. In other cases, the mask was small with the dimension of 3 inches.

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Facts about Mask Making 5: the forms

The masks are made in numerous forms depending on their functions. It can be made in playful, practical and sacred design.

Mask Making

Mask Making

Facts about Mask Making 6: plastic masks

The mass production of masks usually is made from affordable material.  The plastic masks are produced massively, which depict the cartoon and popular characters from TV series or films.

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Facts about Mask Making 7: ritual masks

The ritual masks are made because of the religious or magical values.  They have important status during the religious ceremonies.

Facts about Mask Making 8: African masks

One of the notable masks in the world is the African mask. This mask is used by the locals to communicate with the ancestors and spirits.

Facts about Mask Making

Facts about Mask Making

Facts about Mask Making 9: the depiction of African masks

Animals are the common symbols depicted in African masks. They believe that it would be easier to communicate with the ancestors or spirit using animal masks.

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Facts about Mask Making 10: the antelope masks

The antelope masks have unique designs. The top part features a number of horns. It is made in rectangular box with rough texture.

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