10 Facts about Masquerade Masks

Post On: July 25, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Masquerade Masks will tell the readers about the unique masks worn by the people in masquerade ball or bal masqué. The participants will wear the fancy dress or costume during the event. All of them also wear the ornate masks. In 15th century, the Carnival season always featured the event. Why don’t you check the following post for details about Masquerade masks?

Facts about Masquerade Masks 1: a significant event

Masquerade mask was worn by the people during the Masquerade balls.  This event was elaborate during the medieval ages.  It had been used to celebrate marriages and triumphal procession.

Facts about Masquerade Masks 2: Charles VI of France

Charles VI of France launched “Bal des Ardents” where it was considered as a type of a costumed ball.

Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Masks

Facts about Masquerade Masks 3: the dress

The theme was the wildmen of the woods when celebration of marriage of a lady-in-waiting of Charles VI took place. The King along with five courtiers wore the costume.

Facts about Masquerade Masks 4: the costume

The costume was in the form of flax and pitch. However, fire captured the dancers due to their close location with the torch.

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Facts about Masquerade Masks 5: public festivity

In 16th century, Italy made Masquerade ball as a public event where the local people wore costumes.

Masquerade Masks Facts

Masquerade Masks Facts

Facts about Masquerade Masks 6: the upper classes

The upper classes performed the elaborate dances. This ball was in favor in Venice. There is no need to wonder that the famous Venetian Carnival was associated with Masquerade ball and masks.

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Facts about Masquerade Masks 7: the traditions of wearing masks

The traditions of wearing masks during the ball were popular in Venetian Republic before 18th century. It started to decline in the latter half of 18th century.

Facts about Masquerade Masks 8: the mainland Europe

In 17th and 18th centuries, the event was still popular in mainland Europe where people wore the luxury costumes with elaborate masks.

Facts about Masquerade Masks

Facts about Masquerade Masks

Facts about Masquerade Masks 9:  the masked characters

The masked characters were spotted during the event in Ranelagh Gardens. The crowd mingled with the masked characters in this outdoor setting.

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Facts about Masquerade Masks 10: the production of masks

Switzerland and Italy were the two countries, which produced most masks. In the beginning of 18th century, London was introduced with a semi-public masquerade ball inspired from the Venetian fashion and masks by a Swiss count, John James Heidegger.

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