10 Facts about Matt Groening

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Find out the inspiring story of the famous American cartoonist on Facts about Matt Groening. He was born as Matthew Abraham Groening on 15th February 1954. People recognize him as a voice actor, animator, producer and writer. In 1977 until 2012, he created Life in Hell, a notable comic strip. From 1989 until today, he is still involved in the production of The Simpsons. It is considered as the most notable cartoon TV series in the world. He also took part in Futurama from 1999 until 2003 and from 2008 until 2013. Let me show you other interesting facts about Matt Groening by reading the following post below:

Facts about Matt Groening 1: the upcoming project

Do you know the upcoming project of Groening? It is scheduled to release in 2018 under the title Disenchantment.

Facts about Matt Groening 2: The Simpsons

Groening is cited as the creator the famous TV series TV The Simpsons.  It takes the title as the longest-running animated series and sitcom and primetime-TV series in the history of United States.

Facts about Matt Groening

Facts about Matt Groening

Facts about Matt Groening 3: the beginning of career

The beginning of Groening’s career took place when he worked for an avant-garden Wet magazine in 1978 with his Life in Hell.

Facts about Matt Groening 4: James L. Brooks

James L. Brooks was interested with Groening after Life in Hell. Groening was offered to work for The Tracey Ullman Show for Fox variety show.  At first, Brooks wanted to use the characters of Life in Hell in the show. However, Groening proposed a new idea for he did not want to lose the ownership rights.

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Facts about Matt Groening 5: proposal for the Simpsons

Rather than incorporating the characters Life in Hell in the show, he proposed a new idea on The Simpson family.  The names of the family were inspired from the name of his sisters and parents.

Matt Groening Facts

Matt Groening Facts

Facts about Matt Groening 6: the episodes

The Simpsons is considered as one of the most successful TV series in United States. It has been broadcaster in 618 episodes.

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Facts about Matt Groening 7: awards

During his career as a cartoonist and writer, Groening has earned 10 Primetime Emmy Awards for the Simpsons and 2 Primetime Emmy Awards for Futurama.  In 2004, he was awarded with a British Comedy Award. Due to his work in Life in Hell, Groening got National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award in 2002.

Facts about Matt Groening 8: Hollywood Walk of Fame

On 14th February 2012, he earned a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Facts about Matt Groening 9: the beginning of his career

Groening ended up in a number of odd jobs before he became a professional cartoonist.

Matt Groening The Simpsons

Matt Groening The Simpsons

Facts about Matt Groening 10: favorite band

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention are considered as the favorite bands of Groening.

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