10 Facts about Matthew Boulton

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Facts about Matthew Boulton tell the readers about an English manufacturer. He was born on September 3rd, 1728 and died on August 17t, 1809. He was known as the business partner of James Watt. The mechanization of mills and factories were possible because of the invention of Boulton and Watt steam engines in the late 18th century. Boulton also played an important role for minting coins. He developed a new technique which stroke millions pieces of coin in Britain and other countries in Europe. He provided the updated equipment for minting coins to the Royal Mint. Let us get other unique facts about Matthew Boulton below:

Facts about Matthew Boulton 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Boulton was located in Birmingham. His father manufactured small metal products in Birmingham.

Facts about Matthew Boulton 2: the business of his father

He decided to continue the business of his father after his death. He created a bigger expansion on the business by having an operation at Soho Manufactory.

Facts about Matthew Boulton 3: the latest techniques

He produced the decorative arts, ormolu and silver plate using the latest techniques that he had developed.

Facts about Matthew Boulton 4: a business partner

Boulton replaced John Roebuck as the business partner of James Watt due to the incapability of Roebuck to pay his debt to him. The settlement of Boulton and Roebuck was related to the share of Reobuck on the patent of Watt.

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Facts about Matthew Boulton 5: extension of patent

Boulton was capable to extend the patent of Watt for extra 17 years after he was successful in lobbying the parliament. Therefore, the steam engines of Watt were marketed by the first.

Facts about Matthew Boulton 6: the installation of steam engines

The installation of steam engines of Watt took place in many factories and mines in Britain and other countries.

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Facts about Matthew Boulton 7: Lunar Society

Lunar Society was a group of for the notable men in the field of theology, science and art in Birmingham. The members of the group included Joseph Priestley, Josial Wedgewood, Erasmus Darwin, Boulton and James Watt.

Facts about Matthew Boulton 8: the meeting

The meeting of the group took place near the full moon each month.

facts about Matthew Boulton

facts about Matthew Boulton

Facts about Matthew Boulton 9: Soho Mint

Soho Mint was established by Boulton. The primary reason was to enhance the quality of British mint.

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Facts about Matthew Boulton 10: retirement

In 1800, Boutlton decided to retire from his job. In 1809, he passed away.

Matthew Boulton

Matthew Boulton

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