10 Facts about Matthew Bourne

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You will be informed with the famous English choreographer on Facts about Matthew Bourne. He was born on January 13th, 1960.  The works of Bourne are centered on the dance theatre and contemporary dance. During his career as a choreographer, he had collected various award nomination and awards.  The universities in United Kingdom also awarded him with a number of Honorary Doctorates of Arts. Let me show you other interesting facts about Matthew Bourne below:

Facts about Matthew Bourne 1: as knight

Due to his service to dance, Bourne was knighted in New York Honours in 2016.

Facts about Matthew Bourne 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Bourne was located in Hackney, London. He was educated in the city by attending William Fitt and Sir George Monoux School.

Facts about Matthew Bourne

Facts about Matthew Bourne

Facts about Matthew Bourne 3: autograph hunter

Bourne was known as an autograph hunter when he was 14 to 16 years old. He would wait in front of the top London hotels and outside the Stage Doors of West End opening nights to collect the autographs from the famous ones.

Facts about Matthew Bourne 4: the jobs

Before Bourne was known as a notable choreographer, he had various odd jobs. He became a filing clerk at BBC. Then he sold theater tickers at Keith Prowse Theater Agents. He worked as in bookshop and ushering at the National Theatre.

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Facts about Matthew Bourne 5: teenage years

During his teenage years, Bourne became the director for many amateur dance companies even though he had never had a dance class.

Matthew Bourne facts

Matthew Bourne facts

Facts about Matthew Bourne 6: dance education

He gained a BA in Dance Theatres from Laban Centre for Movement and Dance after being enrolled in the institution in 1982.

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Facts about Matthew Bourne 7: a dance company

AMP, which stands for Adventures in Motion Pictures, was established by Bourne, Gladstone and David Massingham.

Facts about Matthew Bourne 8:  the career in 1987

In 1987, Bourne decided to take a new role. He became a professional dance director and choreographer. In 1991, he took the role as the artistic director for AMP. In 2002, he landed in New Adventures.

Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne

Facts about Matthew Bourne 9: the recent place of living

Today, Bourne resides in Brighton, East Sussex and Islington, London.

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Facts about Matthew Bourne 10: choreography

The choreography of Bourne is famous.  He had won the Best Direction of a Musical and Best Choreography. Swan Lake marked the final performance of Bourne in 1999. It was produced by Broadway where he took the role as The Private Secretary.

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