10 Facts about Maui Island

Post On: August 19, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Maui Island give the interesting information about the second largest islands in Hawaii.  In United States, it takes the 17th largest island. It covers the areas of 1,883 kilometer square or 727.2 sq mi. According to its population, it is the third populous one in the state of Hawaii. It was a home for 144,444 people in 2010. Let us get other unique facts about Maui Island below:

Facts about Maui Island 1: the largest CDP

The largest CDP or census-designated place in Maui Island is Kahului. In 2010, it was inhabited by 26,337 people. It takes the role as the financial and commercial city of Maui Island.

Facts about Maui Island 2: other important places

Other important places in Maui Island are Wailuku, Makawao, Kula, Pukalani, and Lahaina.

Facts about Maui Island

Facts about Maui Island

Facts about Maui Island 3: the population growth

The population growth of Maui Island was increased dramatically in 2007. The number of tourists who come to the island is increased from time to time, which attracts the retirees to settle in the island.

Facts about Maui Island 4: the primary sources of economy

Tourism and agriculture are the two primary sources of economy in the island. Agriculture grows rapidly for it is supported by the favorable business environment.

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Facts about Maui Island 5: the premium exports

The agricultural products for the premium exports include tropical flowers, macadamia, coffee, fresh pineapple, sugar and papaya.

Maui Island Facts

Maui Island Facts

Facts about Maui Island 6: the agricultural activity

The agricultural activity in Maui Island is dominated by Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company and Maui Land & Pineapple Company.

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Facts about Maui Island 7: the largest sugarcane operation

The largest sugarcane operation in Hawaii is located on the Maui Central valley under the management of HC&S. It covers 150 kilometer square or 37,000 acres of land in the valley.

Facts about Maui Island 8: the end of sugar production

The end of sugar production on the island was announced in January 2016.

Maui Island Map

Maui Island Map

Facts about Maui Island 9: sport

Maui Island is famous because of its beautiful beaches. The tourists can do various water sports here such as snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and kiteboarding. The visitors can access more than 30 beaches and bays on Maui do to snorkeling. There is no need to wonder that it becomes the most interesting activity.

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Facts about Maui Island 10: tourism in Hawaii

Lahaina, Iao Valley, Haleakalā National Park and Hāna Highway are the best tourism places in Maui Island.

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