10 Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck

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Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck talked about widely well-known French painter who considered as one of  the principal figures in the Fauve movement, a group of modern united artists from 1904-1908. Another interesting facts will be descripted below.

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 1: Early Life

Maurice De Vlaminck was born on April 4, 1876  in Rue Pierre Lescot, Paris, French. He began painting when he was teen because he grew up in the musicians family. when he was three years old his family moved to Le Vesinet and live with his grandparent.

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 2: Family

He was born from musician family. His father, Edmond Julien taught the violin while his mother, Josephine Caroline Grillet taught the piano. He moved to Le Vesinet, a town 10 miles northwest of Paris. In 1894 he married with Suzane Berly. In 1913 he lived and stayed Rueil-ls-Gadeliere, a small town in southwest of Paris, then he married for twice with Berthe Combes, they gave two daughters.

Picture of Maurice de Vlaminck

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 3: Early Training

Firstly, Vlaminck did not expected and pursued a career as a professional artist. He learned violin from his father, and began painting in his late teens. In 1893, he studied with a painter named Henri Rigalon, a local painter.

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 4: Career

When Vlaminck at 23 years old, he met visioner artist, Andre Derain, and they became a friendship. In 1902-1903 he wrote a number of pornographic novels illustrated by Derain. He painted during the day and got income by giving lessons and performing with musical bands at night.

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Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 5: Artistic Career

In 1900, Vlaminck created two of grounbreaking paintings, at the bar and man a smoking a pipe. As a painter, he had  produced a great number of painting. He enjoyed to  paint application of colours as the influenced by Vincent van Gogh.

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 6: Artistic Influences

Surprisingly, Vlaminck loved heavily with Van Gogh, even soon after he visited Van Gogh’s exhibition, he stated that he loved Van Gogh more than his father. Starting from 1908, he began explore his pallet grew more monochromatic, and the prominant influence was that Cezanne. Then his later works displayed a dark palette.

Vlaminck’s Work

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 7: Legacy

Vlaminck won a great deal of awards during in his lifetime. Not only as an artist, he was also a great writer, he published multiple novels, poems, screenplays, and articles. His works in painting which used of colour and powerful brushstrokes had a lasting effect on modern art, inspiring specific expressionist movements such as, Die Brucke, Blaue Reiter and Neo-Fauvism.

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 8: Important Art

There are most popular and important art which inspired modern art later such as Man Smoking a Pipe (1900), Portrait of Derain (1905), Potato Pickers (1905-1907),  Self Portrait (1912) and The Red Tractor (1956).

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 9: Works

As a phenomenal artist, he produced a great number of arts such as painting, novels, articles, and screen plays. Painting was the most successful masterpieces he created, for instance Sur le zinc (at the bar) and L’homme a la pipe (man smoking a pipe) in 1900.

Maurice de Vlaminck’s Painting

Facts about Maurice de Vlaminck 10: The Death

He died peacefully of old age which is on October 11, 1958 in Rueil-la-Gadaliere, France.

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