10 Facts about Maurice Gee

Post On: December 9, 2017
By: Andi

Facts about Maurice Gee presented about novelist from New Zealand. He best known for his fiction realistic generations of New Zealand life and his fantastical tales for young adults. The more detail information about Gee will be descripted below.

Facts about Maurice Gee 1: Birth

Maurice Gee, in full, Maurice Gough Gee born on August 22, 1931 in Whaketane, Newzealand and widely well-known as a New Zealander fiction novelist.

Facts about Maurice Gee 2: Education

Gee attended at Auckland Univerity College of University of New Zealand (later Auckland University) and earned master’s degree in English in 1954.

facts about maurice gee  source:www.penguin.co.nz

Facts about Maurice Gee 3: Early Career

Soon after gaining certification from Auckland Teacher’s College, he worked as a teacher from 1955-1965. In 1966 he spent 10 years as a librarian then he began to write full-time in 1978.

Facts about Maurice Gee 4: Awards and Honors

In 1978, Gee was awarded from James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his novel Plumb. He was an honorary Associate of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists. In 2002, Gee became twelfth winner of the Margaret Mahy Award, finally in 2004, he awarded the Prime Minister’s Awards for Literacy Achievement.

Facts about Maurice Gee 5: Marriage

After his married, Gee had three children and one of whom, Emily Gee, was also a writer.

Facts about Maurice Gee 6:  Adaptations

Feature film and television adaptated by his writing such as Under the Mountain.

facts abou Maurice Gee

Facts about Maurice Gee 7: Novels

He had written a great deal of novels. The Big Season (1962), A Special Flower (1965), In My Father’s Den (1972), and Orchad Street (1998) were the instance of his popular novel

Facts about Maurice Gee 8: Short Story

A Glorious Morning was one of the short story produced by him and published in 1975.

Facts about Maurice Gee 9: Fiction (for children)

Gee creted a big number of children fiction, such as Plumb (1978), Under the Mountain (1979), and the most popular one was The World Around the Corner (1981).

facts about Maurice Gee

Facts about Maurice Gee 10:Plays

Most of plays created based on Gee’s story, such as The Champion (1989) and The Fire-Raiser (1986).

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