10 facts about Maurizio Anzeri

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At this time,we want to describe about The Facts about Maurizo Anzeri. He is an Italian Artist who developed his career in London, England. Recognising about this artist would be interesting, here are 10 amazing facts about him:

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 1: Biography

Maurizio Anzeri is an Italian-Born and he went to London for taking education based on his passion, let’s say in Art. He was born in 1969 in Loano (Italy).

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 2: Education Background

Along 1996-1999, he studied Bachelor of Art in The London Institute, Camberwell College of Art, United Kingdom to learn about Sculpture and Graphic Design. Then he continued at The Slade School of Fine Art, London (2002-2005) and obtained Master of Art in Fine Art and Sculpture.

Fun Fact about Maurizio Anzeri

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 3: Solo Exhibition

The exhibition was realised by Maurizio Anzeri independently or other words solo exhibition, such as, I Will Buy The Flower Myself-London, UK (2009); The Garden Party-London, UK (2010); Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art-Gateshead, UK (2011); But Is Not Late, It Is Only Dark-Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff, UK; Lay It On The line-Haines Gallery-San Francisco, CA.

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Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 4: Group Exhibition

Not only realised a Solo Exhibition, he also joined in many Group Exhibition, such as Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China (2012); Body Building, Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin, Germany (2013); Haines Gallery, San Francisco, CA (2015); Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy (2016); and recently in Art of The Mainstream, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (2017).

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 5: Works

Anzeri’s works have been exhibited widely, otherwordly national and international level. He did not only join in the group exhibition but also Anzeri realised the solo exhibition for more then five times and almost every single year in the group exhibition.

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 6: Perspective

Anzeri express his own creativity through the unusual fine art. The embroidery by sewing  on old photograph makes the art much more artistic. He stated that ” I work with sewing, embroidery and drawing to explore the essence of signs in their physical manifestation” moreover he talked that “The intimate human action of embroidery is a ritual of making and reshaping stories and history of these people”.

Less-Known Fact about Maurizio Anzeri

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 7: Inspiration

Inspiration is the substantial factor on creating a masterpiece. All artist got inspiration by their own special way including Maurizo Anzery. ” I take inspiration from my own personal experience and observation of how, in other cultures, bodies themselves are treated as living graphic simbol. I then use sewing an embroidery in a further attempt to re-signify, and mark the space with a man-made sign, a trace.

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 8: Type of Art

Anzeri’s art is a part of fine art which is embroidery in old photograph. His works have a surrealist rather than darwinian undertow. The combined media prominented the effect of a dimension where history and future converge.

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 9: Career

Maurizio Anzeri built career internationally. He joined  group exhibition and even held solo exhibition to recognise his own art in some countries such as Europe (e.g. The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Lithuania), The U.S (e.g. California), East Asia (e.g China, South Korea).

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri 10: How It Made

Anzeri stated that he put tracing paper over the photo and drew on the photo until it developed then he began stitching with coloured thread.

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri

Facts about Maurizio Anzeri have been talked above, do not you love reading it?