10 Facts about Max Born

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Less-known Facts about Max Born (11 December 1882 – 5 January 1950) will tell amazing story about Born’s life may people do not know. He was a fenomenal a German physicist and mathematician who concern in developing quantum mechanics. Know more the detail of him will have been interesting, here are a number of the stories.

Facts about Max Born 1: Early Life

Max born in Breslau in 1882, then it Germany but now it was Poland and known Wroclaw.

Facts about Max Born 2:  Family

He was one of the two children. Her father is Gustav Born, an anatomist and embryologist, who was a professor of embryology at the University of Breslau, and his wife Margarethe nee Kaufman, unfortunately she died when Born was in the age of four, on August 29 1886. Max had a sister called Kathe, she was born in 1884, then a half-brother , Wolfgang, from the second marriage with Bertha Lipstein. Later, Wolfgang became a Professor of Art History at the City College of New York.

Amazing Facts about Max Born

Facts about Max Born 3:  Education

Max Born started to study at the Konig-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Breslau then he entered to  the University of Breslau in 1901. At that time, German university system allowed student who want to move to other universities easily. Hence, He spent summer semesters at the Heidelberg University in 1902 and the University of Zurich  in 1903. Then, fellow student at Breslau, Otto Toeplitz and Ernts Hellinger, told Born about the University of Gottingen, ultimately, Born moved there in April 1904.

Facts about Max Born 4:  Work

A great number of works he had created in Physics and Mathematics. By the end of 1913, Born had published until 27 papers but the most fenomenal and well-known invention/work was in physics, he concerned to develope fundamental research in Quantum Mechanics. Then he won nobel prize for this in Physics in 1954.

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Facts about Max Born 5:    Career in Berlin

In 1914, Born accepted as a chair of theoretical physics in the University of Berlin. Then he joined at Artillery-Prufungs-Kommission which is the amry’s Berlin based artillery research and development organisation. In November 1985, Born met and discussed with Fritz Hubber about Ionic Compound, which is today existed as the Born-Haber Cycle.

Facts about Max Born 6:  Career in Gottingen

By the 1921 to 1933, Born and Arnold Sommerfeld formed an approachment of close collaboration between theoretical physics and experimental physics at Gottingen, the University of Munich. Eventually in 1928, Einstein nominated Born for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Facts about Max Bron, Solvay Converence 1927

Facts about Max Born 7: Marriage

In 1912, Born met Hedwig (Hedi) Ehrenberg, a daughter of a Leipzig University law professor. The same as Born, She was of Jewish background from her father. His Marriage give him three children which is two daughters, Irene, born in 1914, and Margareth in 1915 and a son, Gustav, was born in 1921.

Facts about Max Born 8:  Publication

Noted that a great deal of papers he had published. By the end of 1913, 27 papers he created and released, including important works on relativity and the dinamics of crystal lattices, eventually they became a book.

Facts about Max Born 9: Contribution

He took great contribution not only in Physics but also in Mathematics. He mainly contributed in development of Quantum Mechanics, moreover, he also made contributions to solid -state physics and optics and supervised the works of  a number of notable physics between 1920s and 1930s.

Facts about Max Born 10: Achievement

He had collected such a great deal of achievements. Here are some of the most prestigious awards, Fellow of The Royal Society in 1939, Max Planc Medal in 1948, Hughes Medal in 1950, and finally he won Nobel Prize in  Physics in 1954.

Grave of Max Born in Gottingen

We have just read facts about Max Born. Do you delight reading it?