10 Facts about Mc Escher

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Facts about Mc Escher present the person who was the most phenomenal and popular graphic artist. His arts are loved and enjoyed by publics in all over the world. Knowing more about this talented person will be interesting.

Facts about Mc Escher 1: Mc Echer’s  Birth

Maurits Cornelis Escher was born on June 17, 1898 in a house that forms part of the Princessehof Ceramics Museum today, Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands.

Facts about Mc Escher 2: Family and Early Life of Mc Escher

Escher was the fourth and the youngest son. His father, George Arnold Escher, was a civil engineer and Sara Geleichma, his mother and the second wife. After 5 years, the family moved to Arnhem where Escher spent most of his youth. Mc Escher eventually had attended at the School for Architecture and Decorative Arts in Haarlem after he failed at his high school exams.

amazing facts about mc escher

Facts about Mc Escher 3: Mc Escher’s Educational Background

Mc Escher enrolled in School for Architecture and Decorative Arts in Haarlem, really soon after, only a week, he informed his father that he preferedf to study graphic art instead of architecture. Then he saw his works in drawings and linoleum cuts. Then, in 1922, he tavelled to Italy and Spain. He was impressed by the architectures and they became a powerful influence on his work.

Facts about Mc Escher 4: Mc Escher’s Figures of Works

Mc Escher, amazingly, during his lifetime, he made 448 lithograph, woodcuts and wood engravings and over 2,000 drawings and sketches.

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Facts about Mc Escher 5: Mc Escher’s Personal Life

After graduated from school, he traveled through Italy and met his wife, Jetta Umiker, they married in 1924. They stayed in Rome until 1935, along 11 years, he traveled all over Italy, drawing and scetching for the various prints he would make when he returned home.

Facts about Mc Escher 6: Exhibitions

In the twenty-first century, the major exhibitions have been held in cities around the world. In 2011, his exhibition in Rio de Janeiro attracted more than 573,000 visitors.  Then no major exhibition in the following years until 2015, the exhibition held in Italy in 2015-2016, attracting over 500,000 visitors in Bologna and Rome.

Mc Ercher’s work, multiple viewpoints and impossible stairs, 1953

Facts about Mc Escher 7: Uniqueness of Constructions

The uniqueness and impossible constructions he made, Mc Escher became most famous graphic artists with his fascinating works, such as Ascending and Descending, Relativity, his Transformation Prints such as Metamorphosis I, Metamorphosis II, and Metamorphosis III, Sky and Water I or Reptiles.

Facts about Mc Escher 8: Mc Escher’s Selected Works

Mc Escher had created phenomenal and widely known works. Here are some selected Escher’s works, Trees, ink (1920), Floor de Pascua, woodcut/book illustrations (1921), The Bridge, lithograph (1930), Still Life with Spherical Mirror, lithograph (1934), Inside St. Peter’s, wood engraving (1935), Metamorphosis I, woodcut (1937), Metamorphosis II, lithograph (1939-1940), Reptiles, lithograph (1943), Relativity, lithograph (1953), and the  newest one was Snakes, woodcut (1969).

Facts about Mc Escher 9: Second World War

Throughout the second world war II and during the years in Switzerland, Escher vigorously and passionately pursued his hobby, by drawing 62 by the total of 137 Regular Division Drawings he would make in his lifetime.

The last works of Mc Ercher

Facts about Mc Escher 10: Legacy of Mc Escher

The uniqueness and special way of thinkinf and rich graphics have had a continuous influence in mathematics, arts, and even in popular culture.

The descriptions above told the facts about Mc Escher, do you love reading it?