10 Facts about McKayla Maroney

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Facts about McKayla Maroney talk about an incredible american gymnast. McKyala Rose Maroney (her full name) live in Laguna Niguel, California. She was a women’s artistic gymnastics on Senior International Elite level. Amazingly she had some careers, not only in gymnastics but in acting and singing also. Finally, on February 24, 2016 she retired to join competition. Here are other interesting informations about this girl.

Facts about McKayla Maroney 1: Early Year

McKayla Maroney was born in Longbeach, California, on December 9, 1995. She is one of the three children. She born from the sports family. Her father was a former Purdue University  football quarter back.

Facts about McKayla Maroney 2: Early Career

Tarzan was the most favourite movies, hence her mother decided to put her in gymnastic. Subsequently, she set her on olympic career in 2004.

Facts about McKayla Maroney

Facts about McKayla Maroney 3: Olympic Medalist

In 2009, she competed for her first time at the state and national level competition, the Visa Championship in Dallas, at just 13 years old. The results were she placed 27th for all-around competition and 3rd in the vault. In 2011, she began to join competition internationally. At that time, she won the World Vault Champion at the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, in Tokyo, Japan. Surprisingly, in 2012, Maroney and her teammates were awarded with gymnastics team gold medal which was the first for the American women’s gymnastic team since 1996.

Facts about McKayla Maroney 4: Injuries

Soon after the Olympics, her tibia fractured in her leg. In 2013 she underwent knee surgery. In February 2016, she confirmed that she was done competing.

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Facts about McKayla Maroney 5: Harrasment

Based on the article on the internet, in October 2017, Maroney declared in the twitter post that she molested by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. “It seemed whenever and wherever this man could find the chance, I was treated, ” she wrote.

Facts about McKayla Maroney 6: Associated With

She joined the team Gold Medal with Gabby Douglas at 2012 Summer Olympics.

Maroney visited white house

Facts about McKayla Maroney 7: Competitive History

She followed a great number of competition. She began to be a participant of Visa Championship in 2009. Her career in gymnastic was scintillating, for instance in she was champion in World Championship in 2011 and 2013.

Facts about McKayla Maroney 8: Acting Career

Leverage of her fame as an Olympic champion and internet celebrity, Maroney made her acting debut in the CW television series Hart of Dixie on November 20, 2012. In the following year, Maroney appeared on an episode of the Fox TV shows Bones, roled as a gymnast who is a suspect in the murder of a fellow gymnast.

Facts about McKayla Maroney 9: Singing Career

Maroney stated that she would be makinf a singing debut with her single, “Ghost” in summer 2016.

Facts about McKayla Maroney

Facts about McKayla Maroney 10: Filmography

Film and television she played in 2012-2015 titled Hart of Dixie, roled as Tonya. In 2013 she roled as Ellie in Bones at episode “The Spark in the Park”. In 2016, she played  at Superstore episodes Olympics.

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