10 Facts about Meath

Post On: January 2, 2018
By: Andi

Reading facts about Meath will enrich your knowledge about counties especially Ireland county. The county named Meath, it derived the historic of Kingdom of Meath. Noted in 2016, the inherent of this region reached 195,044. Meath is the only county in the western of Ireland. In the description below will present about other amazing facts about Meath may you do not ever know before.

Facts about Meath 1: Geography

Based on the size of area, Meath is the 14th-largest region of 32 counties in Ireland, and in terms of the amount of population, Meath placed on the third in Leinster Province. Naval became the county town, it means the county hall and government are located.

Facts about Meath 2: History

Initially, this county recognised as “The Royal County” and now Meath is part of Leinster Province. In the northeast of the county, there is a UNESCO designated world heritage site.

facts about Meath

Facts about Meath 3: The Amazing Historical Places

Meath has amount of interesting places. Such as, the hill of Tara, it is a site of the King of Ireland heritage, Castles at Trim, Religius ruins at Trim, 2500-year-old mound sturctures of disputed origin at Teltown, Bru na Boinne Unesco World Heritage Site, Loughcrew (i.e. an ancient historical site), Dangan Castle (i.e. the family home of Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, Tayto Park, and etc.

Facts about Meath 4: Demographics

The trend of population of Meath has been characterised since 1861 had a negative trend. In 1861 and 1901 the population declined almost twice (i.e. from 110,373 became 67,497) and the trend stabilised in seven decades which is in 1901 to 1971. In 2016, the population of Navan, the town county, was the largest one, it reached 31,689 then followed by Ashbourne, Laytown-Bettystown-Mornington, Ratoath, Trim, Dunboyne, Kells, Duleek, Dunshauglin, Stamullen, Enfield, etc.

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Facts about Meath 5: The Language of County

The Irish is the language that is used in Meath. It contains 2,603 Irish speakers with 1,299 native speakers.

Facts about Meath 6: Economy

The general Meath’s livelihood are in farming, dairying, potatoes and grain. Amazingly, Meath has produced in the greatest amount of potatoes and dramatically increase in producing beef, barley, milk, wheat, and root vegetables in Ireland. Not only has advance in farming, but Meath also produces mine. The Europe’s largest underground lead-zinc mine, Tara Mines, has operated since 1977.

facts about Meath

Facts about Meath 7: Transport

Fortunately, Meath has had the advance and great transport such as well road (e.g. M1 motor way, m2 motor way,etc) and rail to connect each region (e.g. Laytown, Navan, M3 Parkway and Hansfield).

Facts about Meath 8: Home to Ireland’s First University

Meath was the home to the first Ireland’s University at size which that back to 6th century.

Facts about Meath 9: Cars Registered

Meath gives registered car with the letters MH on the car number plates.

facts about Meath

Facts about Meath 10: Important Towns

Navan is the county town, and other important counties include Ashbourne, Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin, Kells, Oldcastle, and Trim. Overall, the Meath has a size of 2,338 square kilometers.

The amazing facts about Meath have presented, do you love reading it?