10 Facts about Medieval Britain

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By: Andi

It is time to talk the Facts about Medieval Britain. The island of Great Britain was separated into several kingdoms including England, Scotland and Wales.

Facts about Medieval Britain 1: England in the Early Middle Ages (600-1272)

At the beginning of the medieval Britain, a part of Roman Empire which was England became a teritory of Britannia. In the 5th century a great number of Germanic immigrant arrived. They developed small farms and settlements, and their language, Old English, fastly spread as people moved from British Celtic to British Latin to the language of this new elite.

Facts about Medieval Britain 2: England in the High Middle Ages (1066-1272)

In the 1066, the Duke of Normandy, William, occupied the South of England. By the time William’s death in 1087, england established as the largest part of Anglo-Norman Empire.


facts about medieval britain

Facts about Medieval Britain 3: England in the Late Middle Ages (1272-1485)

In the late middle ages, Edward II, as the king, rebuilt the status of the monarchy, restoring and extending key castles that had fallen into disrepair. In his reign, the kingdom defeated the native Welsh and applied a programme of English colonisation and castle building across the region.

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Facts about Medieval Britain 4: Rise of Christianity in England

In the second half of the 4th century, the first church was built. Christianity has been the official religion of the Roman Empire. A great number of Pagan shrines converted to Christian use and just a few pagan sites still actived in the late 5th century.

Facts about Medieval Britain 5: Scotland in the Early Middle Ages (400-900)

Bridei mac Maelchon (r.c. 550-84) was the first king of the kingdom. Scotland had big wide range territories. In the middle ages, there are several kingdoms, after the death king of Alba, Domnal II (Donald II), the entire area controlled by its kings would be reffered to as Scotland.

Facts about Medieval Britain 6: Scotland in the High Middle Ages (900-1286)

The long reign (900-about 942/943) of Causantine II is often regarded as the key to formation of the Alba Kingdom. By the reign of Alexander III, the Scots were in position to annexe the reaminder of the western seaboard, which they did following Haakon Haakonarson’s ill-fated invasion and the stalemate of the battle of Largs with the treaty of perts in 1266.

facts about medieval britain

Facts about Medieval Britain 7: Scotland in the Late Middle Ages (1286-1513)

During the late of middle ages, the wars of independence was happened. The death of King Alexander III in 1286, and then of his granddaughter and their Margaret, Maid of Norway in 1290, made 14 rivals for succession.

Facts about Medieval Britain 8: Wales in the Early Middle Ages (c.383-c.825)

The first rule a considerable part of Wales was Rhodri the Great, originally the king of Gwynedd during the 9th century.

Facts about Medieval Britain 9: Wales in the High Middle Ages (c.825-1282)

During this terms, the dominant ruler in Wales was  Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, who was king of Gwyned and Powys.

facts about medieval britain

Facts about Medieval Britain 10: Wales in the Late Middle Ages (1282-1542)

In this period, Wales became part of England, though its people spoke a different language and had a different culture.

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