10 Facts about Medieval Monasteries

Post On: May 16, 2018
By: Andi

The facts about medieval monasteries will be told this time in this article. Medieval monasteries were the wealthiest landowners in Medieval England. In medieval England, people totally believed in the existence of Heaven and Hell. Peasants at that time convinced that the only way to heaven and salvation was via the church. I would tell the other amazing facts about the history of monasteries in the middle ages in these descriptions below. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 1: The Definition of Monastery

A monastery was a building where the people stayed at and worshipped, they devoted their whole time and life to God. The people who stay at the monastery called as monks. The need of monk was provided by the monastery community. The monks had no need for the outside of the world. They isolated themselves for focusing on God. Many monasteries spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages.

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 2: The Important of Monastery

Interestingly, the only people who can read and write is the monks. The monks also wrote and created the books and recorded the events.

facts about medieval monasteries

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 3: The Monks Helped People

As it was said before, the monks focused on God and the monastery, they still played an important part in the community. In the Middle Ages, Monasteries were a popular place for travellers could stay because at that time there were very few inns.

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 4: Daily Life in the Monastery

Most of the monks spent their time by praying, worshipping in church, reading the Bible and meditating. The rest of the day was spent working on chores around the monastery. Honestly, the monks have different jobs depending on their talents and interests. Others cleaned the clothes, cooked the food, did repairs around the monastery. The other monks scribed and would spend their day copying manuscripts and making books.

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 5: Jobs at the Monastery

During the Middle Ages, there were some specific jobs that conducted by the monks. Here are the main jobs and titles: Abbot, prior, lector, cantor, sacrist.

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 6: The Monks Vows

Vows generally taken by monks when they entered the order. They give up to the world and devote their lives to god and discipline. They also took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

facts about medieval monasteries

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 7: The Different of Monks

There are some differences in orders of monks. The level of strict and rules usually different.

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 8: The Centre Open Area of Monastery

Every single monastery had a centre are named a cloister.

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 9: Facts about Monks and Nuns

During middle ages, monks and nuns are the most educated people.

facts about medieval monasteries

Facts about Medieval Monasteries 10: Fun fact Middle Age Monastery

Sometimes monasteries owned a lot of lands and were very wealthy due to the tithes of the local people.

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