10 Facts about Megan Coyle

Post On: June 7, 2018
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Facts about Megan Coyle will be revealed in this article. Coyle is an American artist. She makes artwork from magazine pages. Please read the pieces of information below to know more the less-known facts about Megan Coyle.

Facts about Megan Coyle 1: The Early Year

Megan Coyle grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. When she was a child, she attended several classes at a local art gallery and she always wrote and illustrated her own stories.

Facts about Megan Coyle 2: The Adolescence Period

During in High School, she became more passionate about art. However, after she began taking a study in college, she decided to be a writer.

the 10 cool and amazing facts about Megan Coyle

Facts about Megan Coyle 3: University Times

She studied at Elon University in major of Painting and Creative Writing. During in the university, she made some portrait collages from magazine strips, then she named “painting with paper”.

Facts about Megan Coyle 4: After She Found the New Technique in Painting

Since she found the “painting with paper”, she has continued to work honing and developing her craft as an artist. She frequently showed his works through the exhibitions. For example, the exhibition placed in the Ward Museum, Smithsonian Ripley Centre, Art League Gallery, Krempp Gallery, and Caton Merchant Family gallery.

Facts about Megan Coyle 5: Megan Coyle Works

Her entire works use magazine strips, however, she always makes experiment with other materials everytime. Her works of animal collages inspired from the National Zoo in Washington DC, moreover the city landscapes and cityscapes also influenced by the DC area.

Facts about Megan Coyle 6: The Recent Activities of Megan Coyle

In today’s, she is currently working as a collage artist and designer. She often shows her works in many exhibitions mainly in the DC area.

the 10 cool and amazing facts about Megan Coyle

Facts about Megan Coyle 7: Megan Coyle’s Works

She has had so many artworks. For example, Benjamin (it is a close-up portrait), Commuters (which defined the environment), Sigthseers (described a man and woman who conversate), Snorkeling (described two people who are playing snorkelling), Leisure Day (About two people who sit together and talk a lot), Afternoon Conversation (she inspired to make this art through restaurants and cafes).

Facts about Megan Coyle 8: Megan Coyle’s Other Works

There are some other works of Megan Coyle, including Bren (it is about the facial expression), Two’s a crowd (described about the couple in the crowd of city), and Dinner for two (described about the couple who have a dinner)

Facts about Megan Coyle 9: The Airforce Memorial

The airforce memorial is one of Megan Coyle work arts. It inspired from her favorite memorials in the city. She loves how the Air Force memorial is abstract and sculpture.

the 10 cool and amazing facts about Megan Coyle

Facts about Megan Coyle 10: Megan Coyle’s Most Favourite Memories of Arts

Vincent van Gogh exhibit at the National Gallery is Megan’s favourite memories.

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