10 Facts about Melanoma

Post On: June 24, 2018
By: Andi

You definitely will find the 10 facts about melanoma in this article. Melanoma or also known as malignant melanoma is a type of cancer that formed from the pigment-containing cells known as melanocytes. Through reading the explanation below you will see the other information about melanoma.

Facts about Melanoma 1: The Early Sign of Melanoma

Initially, melanoma signs are changes to the shape or colour of existing moles and the appearance of a new lump anywhere on the skin. The early signs of melanoma are summarised by “ABCDE” that means Asymmetry, Borders, Colour, Diameter, and Evolving over time.

Facts about Melanoma 2: The Cause of Melanoma

Generally, melanoma caused by the ultraviolet light of the sun and also genetics factor.

the 10 interesting facts about melanoma

Facts about Melanoma 3: The UV Radiation that Causes Melanoma

The ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds will increase melanoma disease. Based on the research, people who use tanning devices under 30 years old, 75% more likely to develop melanoma.

Facts about Melanoma 4: The Major Contribution in Developing Melanoma

The main factor that evolving of melanoma is the exposure of ultraviolet radiation. Generally, the position of melanoma is in the back of men and on legs of women.

Facts about Melanoma 5: The Genetics Factor that Cause Melanoma Risk

Several genes increase the risk of melanoma. Such a gene called MC1R that causes red hair has a relatively lower elevated risk of melanoma. The fifty per cent of human cancer caused by one class of mutation affects the gene CDKN2A.  Mutation that causes the skin condition xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) increases melanoma susceptibility.

Facts about Melanoma 6: Pathophysiology

Initially, the symptoms of melanoma start when melanocytes begin out-of-control growth.  Melanocytes are found between the epidermis (i.e. the outer layer of the skin) and the dermis (the next layer of the skin). This phase is called the radial growth phase which is when the tumour is less than 1 mm thick.

Facts about Melanoma 7: Diagnosis

The most common diagnostic is visual inspection. Moles that are irregular in colour and/or shape are typically treated as candidates. People who want to detect the melanoma symptoms have to learn about “ABCDE”, to regularly examine moles for changes.

Facts about Melanoma 8: ABCDE

As described above, ABCDE is the most common method for remembering the signs and symptoms of melanoma. “A” means Asymmetrical skin lesion, “B” border of the lesion is, “C” colour, melanoma generally has multiple colours, “D” Diameter, the moles greater than 6 mm are more likely to be melanomas than smaller one. “E” Enlarging or Evolving.

Facts about Melanoma 9: Ugly Duckling

In today’s the newer method to find the sign of melanoma found, and it called “ugly duckling sign”. Fortunately, it is simple, easy to learn, and highly effective. The lesion that greatly deviates from the common characteristic are labeled an “Ugly Duckling”, and further professional exam is needed.

the 10 interesting facts about melanoma

Facts about Melanoma 10: Classification of Melanoma

Melanoma is classified into following types: meltigo maligna, lentigo maligna melanoma, superficial spreading melanoma, acral lentiginous melanoma, mucosal melanoma, etc